Modelowanie sylwetki i dietetyka - Proposal treatments

VASER LIPO HD ultrasound liposuction

It is a safe and effective treatment procedure involving the disintegration and sucking off the fatty tissue. The Vaser Lipo HD liposuction is characterised by precision, safety and spectacular effects. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and the recovery period is very short, lasting just a few days.

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Liposukcja ultradźwiękowa Vaser Lipo HD

BTL UNISON – slimming, better skin firmness and reduced cellulite!

It is a unique combination of monopolar radiofrequency and a shock wave therapy within a single applicator! The application of two technologies simultaneously maximises the effects of the treatment and is effective in eliminating such skin problems as local deposits of the adipose (fatty) tissue, cellulite, sagging skin and loss of firmness, metabolic disorders and accumulation of waste products (metabolites).

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BTL UNISON wyszczuplanie, poprawa jędrności skóry i redukcja cellulitu!

LYMPHASTIM (lymphatic) drainage

The LYMPHASTIM (lymphatic) drainage produces a feeling of incredible lightness and relaxation. The treatment procedure is extremely pleasant and has excellent health-improvement effects.

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Drenaż limfatyczny LYMPHASTIM

Dietary consultation with body composition analysis

The comprehensive consultation with a clinical dietician includes a detailed nutritional history, body composition analysis using the InBody device and nutritional education. The body composition analysis is an ideal starting point for bringing a balanced diet into the daily menu. To make the beginnings easier, our clinical dietician may prepare a personalised nutritional plan based on the results obtained.

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Konsultacja dietetyczna z analizą składu ciała

Sonoqueen - improving skin suppleness on the body

Sonoqueen is a treatment procedure that uses the cutting-edge HIFU technology. The concentrated energy of ultrasound waves reaches the deep layers of skin, producing a spectacular effect of improved skin firmness and elasticity as soon as after the first procedure.

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Sonoqueen - poprawa jędrności i elastyczności skóry na ciele

Body composition analysis – InBody

The InBody analyser of our own body composition makes it possible to carry our measurements, which provide us with such information as the mass and percentage content of the fatty tissue, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat level, and body water content. The accuracy of the InBody analysis is estimated at as much as 98%. Regular analysis of our body composition is the basic approach to prevent the development of civilisational diseases.

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Analiza składu ciała InBody