Hair transplantation and thickening - proposal treatments

Regenera Activa - mezoterapia skóry głowy komórkami macierzystymi

Regenera Activa - scalp mesotherapy with stem cells

Regenera Activa is an innovative treatment procedure in which the scalp is injected with special suspension containing stem cells, growth...

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Mezoterapia skóry głowy - stymuluje porost włosów

Scalp mesotherapy - stimulation of hair growth

Needle mesotherapy of the scalp - a solution to inhibit hair loss

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Osocze bogatopłytkowe Regeneris na łysienie

Platelet-rich plasma against baldness (Regeneris for hair) -...

Regeneris platelet-rich plasma - a natural method for combating hair loss

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Przeszczep włosów SAFER (S.A.F.E.R.)

S.A.F.E.R. Hair Transplantation

The S.A.F.E.R. Hair Transplantation is the fruit of long-term research on the improvement of existing hair transplantation methods. This...

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Laserowe stymulacja wzrostu włosów (Fotona Dynamis SP)

Laser hair growth stimulation (Fotona Dynamis SP)

It is an effective therapy that stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss and regenerates the scalp. It is recommended for both women and...

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Laser frakcyjny Mosaic - naturalny porost włosów

Mosaic fractional laser - natural hair growth

Mosaic fractional laser - an effective and non-invasive method of hair thickening

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