Proposal treatments

Global Eyecon – a comprehensive revitalisation therapy

It is a treatment procedure designed to eliminate skin imperfections around the eyes. It consists of two stages, namely brightening peeling followed by needle mesotherapy with anti-wrinkle and skin-radiating properties. A series of treatment sessions results in smoother wrinkles, reduced shadows, swelling and ?bags? under the eyes, as well as revitalises the delicate skin in the eye area.

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Global Eyecon rewitalizacja skóry wokół oczu

Surgical excision of skin lesions

It is a safe and effective procedure involving excision of pathological skin lesions, such as pigmented moles (commonly known as freckles), atheromas, and lipomas. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia with great precision to make sure that the trace left after the lesion is as small as possible.

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Chirurgiczne wycinanie zmian skórnych

Laser skin regeneration around the eyes (Fotona Dynamis SP)

It is our own unique procedure aimed at comprehensive regeneration of the skin around the eyes. The treatment procedure consists of two stages, each stimulating the reconstruction of the scalp cells. A series of such procedures results in smoothed out wrinkles, improved skin firmness around the eyes and its strong regeneration.

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Laserowa regeneracja skóry wokół oczu (Fotona Dynamis SP)

Body composition analysis – InBody

The InBody analyser of our own body composition makes it possible to carry our measurements, which provide us with such information as the mass and percentage content of the fatty tissue, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat level, and body water content. The accuracy of the InBody analysis is estimated at as much as 98%. Regular analysis of our body composition is the basic approach to prevent the development of civilisational diseases.

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Analiza składu ciała InBody

Dietary consultation with body composition analysis

The comprehensive consultation with a clinical dietician includes a detailed nutritional history, body composition analysis using the InBody device and nutritional education. The body composition analysis is an ideal starting point for bringing a balanced diet into the daily menu. To make the beginnings easier, our clinical dietician may prepare a personalised nutritional plan based on the results obtained.

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Konsultacja dietetyczna z analizą składu ciała

Laser hair growth stimulation (Fotona Dynamis SP)

It is an effective therapy that stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss and regenerates the scalp. It is recommended for both women and men as an independent therapy or a complementary treatment option, e.g. to needle mesotherapy. After a series of treatment procedures, the hair becomes strong, thick and shiny!

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Laserowe stymulacja wzrostu włosów (Fotona Dynamis SP)

Sonoqueen - the non-surgical facelift

Sonoqueen is a treatment procedure that produces spectacular effects of multidimensional lifting as well as improved skin tautness and smoothness. Thanks to the latest generation HIFU technology, the rebuilding process occurs in deep skin layers and requires no convalescence.

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Sonoqueen - niechirurgiczny lifting twarzy

Laser treatment of snoring (Fotona Dynamis SP)

It is an effective, pain-free and minimally invasive treatment option that improves the quality of sleep in patients and their co-sleeping family members. It offers an alternative to invasive surgical interventions or other treatment methods that fail to produce the desired effects. The effectiveness of the laser therapy has been noticed by as many as 80% of patients!

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Laserowe leczenie chrapania (Fotona Dynamis SP)

The Fotona 6D Hybrid Laser Facelift – rejuvenation of the new generation

The Fotona 6D offers unique treatment opportunities which help to achieve the following effects: skin lift and increased skin density, stimulation of collagen regeneration and reconstruction processes, wrinkle reduction, eyelid lift, smoother lips and better skin firmness. The 6D laser lift is a minimally invasive and safe treatment procedure that produces excellent results without pain and recovery period.

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Fotona 6D hybrydowy lifting twarzy - odmładzanie nowej generacji