We would like to welcome you to the Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic (formerly Skin Laser Studio) with the most extensive experience in Silesia. Our clinic combines the highest competence in the field of aesthetic medicine with many years of tradition and experience. We are proud to have one of the most comprehensive offers of aesthetic medicine services in Poland. The Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is among the few centres in Poland to provide some of the cutting-edge medical procedures. Whatever your needs or problems, you can rest assured that our Clinic will quickly find an effective solution by selecting the most appropriate treatment for you. The journey our patients take through our services brings them the joy of life and greater self-confidence. Beauty instils good energy! And we enjoy helping others find their happiness.

Meet our Team

We are uncompromising on the quality of our services. Our clinic combines the highest competence in the field of aesthetic medicine with many years of tradition and experience. The dermatologists working for the Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic are experienced specialists who belong to the Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatologists (PSAD) and participate in regular training courses in top centres. Our state-of-the-art equipment is not everything. The Skin Laser Lubelscy Clinic has experts who can effectively use it.

Krystyna Lubelska,

Krystyna Lubelska, consultant dermatologist

"Aesthetic medicine is the most rapidly developing branch of medicine. I have been involved in this progress for three decades now and I have no hesitation in saying that it is medicine that allows me to keep my youthful spirit. I keep a watchful eye on the market trends and introduce valuable novelties into my Clinic. I am delighted to be able to work with Patients and help them when in need. The sparkle in our patients? eyes when they leave the Clinic is the best reward for my work. Thank you very much for it. It is the patients that give me the motivation to further develop the Clinic."

Dr Krystyna Lubelska is a physician with 23 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. She is also the owner of the Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic (formerly Skin Laser Studio).

Dr Lubelska gained her professional experience in prestigious clinics in New York, Vienna, Heidelberg and Paris. She specialises in the treatment of difficult cases in the field of aesthetic medicine. 

Dr Krystyna Lubelska cooperates with the most prominent brands, trainers and coaches from France, America, Korea, Austria and Germany. She regularly upgrades her skills and knowledge of the latest technologies. The “Who is Who” magazine, which presents the most recognisable people in the world, termed Dr Lubelska ‘the pioneer of laser therapy in Poland’. The magazine appreciated her contribution to helping people boost their self?esteem through the improvement of physical appearance.

Jakub Sazanów-Lubelski,

Jakub Sazanów-Lubelski, physician

"As a physician, I am primarily focused on the wellbeing of my patients by respecting the ?primum non nocere? principle ('first, do no harm'). I take a keen interest in following the latest global trends in aesthetic medicine by introducing tried-and-tested procedures into my daily activities."

Dr Sazanów-Lubelski is a physician and co-owner of the Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

He graduated from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice and studied medicine at the prestigious Georg-August University in Göttingen (Germany).

While still a student, he participated in numerous workshops and training courses in aesthetic medicine, both in Poland and abroad. Dr Sazanów-Lubelski developed his passion for beauty and aesthetics by studying at the Academies and Universities in Vienna, Cracow and Katowice, where he obtained his Master degree.

He is constantly updating his skills and knowledge under the tutelage of the most prominent practitioners and trainers in Poland and across the world.


Jakub Sazanów-Lubelski is currently attending a specialisation course in Dermatology and Venereology.

Joanna Hesse-Kowalczyk,

Joanna Hesse-Kowalczyk, consultant dermatologist, aesthetic medicine physician

"Beauty requires perfection and precision. These two features are inherent in my nature. In aesthetic medicine, even the smallest detail affects the treatment results and the patient?s well-being. As a consequence, it is necessary to participate in continuous improvement and keep abreast of innovations that spring up at international congresses. In Skin Laser Lubelscy, I can keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, ensuring that the patients in my office often smile and are satisfied with the effects of their treatment."

Joanna Hesse-Kowalczyk graduated from the Silesian Medical Academy in Katowice in 1992 and completed her specialisation in dermatology in 1996. She has extensive hospital experience having worked at a dermatological ward. She has been involved in aesthetic medicine since 2003, working and developing her skills in numerous aesthetic dermatology offices.

She regularly takes part in training sessions to enhance her qualifications and practical knowledge of the latest treatment methods. In our clinic, she is responsible for the majority of aesthetic medicine procedures.

Joanna Hesse-Kowalczyk was awarded the Masters in Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine certificate, issued by the Association of Aesthetic Medicine. She is also a member of the Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatologists.

Michał Nycz,

Michał Nycz, physician

„During my daily practice, I pay particular attention to appropriate contact with my Patients. This helps them understand the particular stages of the treatment and recovery period, which makes Patients stay calm and rest assured that their therapy is advancing in the right direction. Establishing proper relationship and creating an atmosphere of trust gives me the right level of work comfort.”

A graduate of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland). 

While still a student, he expanded his knowledge in surgery by participating in numerous scientific groups and doing internships in clinics both in Poland and abroad.

He is currently attending a specialisation training course in general surgery as a doctoral (post-graduate) student at the Medical University of Silesia, where he is improving his manual and scientific skills.

Since the beginning of his professional career, Michał has attached particular importance to the precision of treatment procedures.

In his day-to-day work, he is a proponent of minimally invasive and aesthetic surgery. 

Painless treatment, precision, patience and determination, as well as quick recovery which leaves the smallest possible traces of interference - these are the rules he tries to follow in his daily work.

In the Skin Laser Clinic, I am responsible for such services as hair transplantation using the S.A.F.E.R. method, the VASER LIPO body contouring and the broadly conceived dermatosurgery. Moreover, I qualify Patients for surgical treatments in oncology, proctology, as well as the surgery of the liver and bile ducts, the mammary gland (the breast), the thyroid gland and abdominal hernia.

Żanna Owczarek,

Żanna Owczarek, manager of the clinic

"Of all the values that my work has, it is the cooperation with other people that I cherish the most. We have succeeded in creating a wonderful and highly committed team who find intense pleasure in their work. I have no doubt that working together we can achieve the impossible! My specialist education and interest in the changing marketing trends help me plan the development strategy for our clinic and fulfil the plans. "

Żanna Owczarek is a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and the Warsaw School of Economics. She is responsible for management in the Clinics in Katowice and Bielsko-Biała, the image of the Skin Laser Lubelscy brand, and marketing activities.

Moreover, she has a high level of work commitment and is guided by values that help her succeed, namely responsibility, integrity, quality and trust.

Maria Tokarska,

Maria Tokarska, patient service specialist

“My daily responsibilities involve planning and organising appointments in our Clinic. I treat each Patient on an individual basis so that they feel their needs are of primary concern. My daily tasks are made easier thanks to my innate openness, kindness and positive attitude towards people and the world. I am both communicative and reliable, and always do my best to comprehensively answer all the questions asked by Patients, whether by telephone or e-mail. The smile of each satisfied Patient is the greatest reward for the effort I put into my work at the Clinic”.

Maria Kopczyk graduated from the Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosławiec. She also completed a post-graduate programme at the University of Economics in Katowice.

Maria treats her work with great seriousness and diligence. She will provide every single Patient with professional advice and clarify all the doubts related to a given treatment procedure. Besides taking care of our Patients’ comfort, Maria is also good at supervising the organisational aspects of the registration area and coordinating the work of physicians in both our Clinics. Maria works closely with the Manager of the Clinic, helping to implement new, innovative solutions and promotional campaigns. Maria is a pleasure to work with!

Iga Litwińska,

Iga Litwińska, nurse

"The combination of the knowledge I gained during my studies in nursing and my passion for cosmetology, which has always been my keen interest, make me fully aware of the treatment procedures I conduct in my Patients. Being able to provide reliable information and advice on daily care makes me approach each Patient in a holistic manner. I am happy that the effects of my treatment procedures put a smile on my Patients? faces!"

Iga graduated from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, majoring in Nursing. She completed her studies with honours and has 4 years of professional experience. She is continuously improving her skills and qualifications by participating in numerous training sessions and courses in aesthetic medicine. She is passionate about following the latest trends in aesthetic medicine and novel developments in anti-aging treatment procedures. Nothing is more rewarding for her than a smile of Patients who are satisfied with the results of their treatment procedures, and her professional and individual approach makes our Patients eager to visit us again.


Żaneta Strońska,

Żaneta Strońska, cosmetologist

"The rapid development of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine motivates me to continually expand my knowledge by attending numerous courses and training sessions. I treat each Patient on an individual basis. Besides a suitable treatment procedure chosen by our Physician, I do my best to provide each Patient with professional advice on proper post-treatment care to help them enjoy the best possible effects of the treatment procedures. It is patient satisfaction that gives me the greatest pleasure and motivation for further development and improvement of my qualifications."

A student of Cosmetology at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

Since the beginning of her professional career, Żaneta has been focused on continuous improvement of her knowledge and qualifications by participating in numerous courses, training sessions and lectures.

Her professional approach inspires confidence amongst Patients and colleagues alike. Żaneta is happy to talk and choose a suitable home care method depending on the individual needs of each Patient.

At our Clinic, she performs laser therapy and cosmetology procedures, as well as provides assistance to our physicians.

Ewa Kotas,

Ewa Kotas, cosmetologist

"We all like to feel attractive. More and more people are starting to use professional treatment procedures offered by the rapidly developing aesthetic medicine and cosmetology and I am glad to be able to be part of this process. I find it easy to relate to people as I am patient and meticulous. Patients? trust and satisfaction are the greatest motivation to take further actions."

She graduated from the Higher School of Marketing Management and Foreign Languages in Katowice, as well as completed her postgraduate studies in Skin Care Cosmetology at the Silesian

Higher School of Medicine in Katowice. She broadens her knowledge by participating in numerous training courses.

Maria Wąż,

Maria Wąż, cosmetologist

“I have been interested in cosmetology ever since I remember. My interests have driven me to pursue studies in this field. The knowledge I gained at the university and 3 years of professional experience make it possible for me to perform treatment procedures in a professional and conscious manner. At work, I am motivated by the desire to help people in their struggle with aesthetic defects. My individual approach to every single patient helps me treat each of them as a personal challenge, and each satisfied client leaving our clinic is my little victory. My life’s motto, both in the private and professional realms, is the famous saying that reads, ‘Treat others the way you would like to be treated’.”

A graduate of cosmetology at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.
Maria continuously improves her qualifications by participating in numerous training sessions and courses. She is also up-to-date with all the industry-related novelties. At our clinic, she works with the latest solutions in aesthetic cosmetology and laser therapy, as well as assists in treatment procedures performed by our physicians.

Kamila Placzki – Nycz,

Kamila Placzki – Nycz, dietician

"Dietetics is not only my profession, but also a great passion that I pursue and which helps my develop myself. Following the latest trends, I try to verify them and properly translate into my clinical work. I believe that minor but systematic changes lead to permanent and desired effects. I think that the most important aspect of a dietician’s work is the individual and personalised approach to each Patient, which helps me become familiar with the specific problem and determine an appropriate nutritional plan. In my opinion, proper nutrition is an important link in the therapeutic chain for patients of both clinical and aesthetic medicine."

Kamila Placzki – Nycz graduated from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, majoring in Clinical Dietetics. Currently, she studies at the Silesian College of Medicine in the faculty of Psychodietetics. She enhances her professional knowledge and qualifications by participating in numerous courses and training sessions in dietetics. In her professional work, she pays particular attention to achieving permanent and satisfying effects, especially for the Patients.

Karolina Jaguś,

Karolina Jaguś, patient service specialist

"Dealing with many people of different personalities is what I value the most in my work. In the Clinic, every day is different. I am extremely happy to see the satisfaction of our patients as they leave and come back in after some time, bringing along their friends, families and often their younger generation."

A graduate of the Katowice Business University (GWSH) in Katowice (Poland).

Her sunny disposition and smile bring tons of positive energy into our team every day! She has extensive knowledge about every single treatment procedure. Karolina works closely with our physicians, consulting numerous queries and dilemmas of our Patients, to make sure the information provided is reliable and based on medical knowledge and experience. Her emphatic attitude makes Patients calm and relaxed before an appointment. Karolina can freely communicate with English-speaking Patients.

Magdalena Topolewska,

Magdalena Topolewska, patient service specialist

"I have had direct contact with clients for years, which helped me gain valuable experience in the form of effective communication and efficient problem solving ?  these skills are invaluable in my daily work. Each day, I do my best to make sure all Patients are fully satisfied when leaving our Clinic?"

In Skin Laser Lubelscy, Magda works as a Patient Service Specialist. One of her strengths is the ease with which she makes new contacts and her empathy, which is so much valued by our Patients. With her profound commitment and openness to new ideas, she creates a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. Magda continuously develops her competences in cosmetology, so Patients can be sure to receive reliable information about the treatment methods offered in our Clinics.

Karolina Kołecka,

Karolina Kołecka, patient service specialist

“I am fully committed in my daily work. Thanks to my extensive experience in customer service and continuous improvement of my knowledge in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, I make every effort to make sure that each Patient feels unique in our Clinic. I am a smiling, conscientious, communicative and responsive to the needs of our Patients”.

Karolina is responsible for contacts with Patients. As a Patient Service Specialist, she tries to provide the Patients with reliable and fully understandable information about treatment procedures. Karolina is known for her precision, conscientiousness and full commitment in a workplace. She is eager to develop and undertake new challenges to enhance her skills. Her cheerful disposition and positive energy are truly infectious!