Body contouring - proposal treatments

RENUVION – poprawa jędrności i napięcia skóry

RENUVION – poprawa jędrności i napięcia skóry

Renuvion to nowoczesna metoda zabiegowa, której celem jest ujędrnienie skóry oraz zwiększenie jej napięcia. Ta...

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Liposukcja ultradźwiękowa Vaser Lipo HD

VASER LIPO HD ultrasound liposuction

It is a safe and effective treatment procedure involving the disintegration and sucking off the fatty tissue. The Vaser Lipo HD liposuction...

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Kriolipoliza CoolTech - redukcja tkanki tłuszczowej

Cryolipolysis - non-invasive body contouring - reduction of adipose...

Cryolipolysis - a safe method for getting rid of fat from selected areas of your body

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BTL UNISON wyszczuplanie, poprawa jędrności skóry i redukcja cellulitu!

BTL UNISON – slimming, better skin firmness and reduced cellulite!

It is a unique combination of monopolar radiofrequency and a shock wave therapy within a single applicator! The application of two...

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Drenaż limfatyczny LYMPHASTIM

LYMPHASTIM (lymphatic) drainage

The LYMPHASTIM (lymphatic) drainage produces a feeling of incredible lightness and relaxation. The treatment procedure is extremely...

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Konsultacja dietetyczna z analizą składu ciała

Dietary consultation with body composition analysis

The comprehensive consultation with a clinical dietician includes a detailed nutritional history, body composition analysis using the...

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Sonoqueen - poprawa jędrności i elastyczności skóry na ciele

Sonoqueen - improving skin suppleness on the body

Sonoqueen is a treatment procedure that uses the cutting-edge HIFU technology. The concentrated energy of ultrasound waves reaches the deep...

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RF Infini microneedle radiofrequency - skin remodelling

Denser and firmer skin - targeting skin laxity

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TightSculpting – redukcja tkanki tłuszczowej z jednoczesnym ujędrnieniem skóry

TightSculpting™ – reduction of adipose (fatty) tissue with a...

TightSculpting? is an innovative laser treatment that employs two different lasers (Nd:YAG and Er:YAG) during a single treatment session....

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Analiza składu ciała InBody

Body composition analysis – InBody

The InBody analyser of our own body composition makes it possible to carry our measurements, which provide us with such information as the...

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