VASER LIPO HD ultrasound liposuction

It is a safe and effective treatment procedure involving the disintegration and sucking off the fatty tissue. The Vaser Lipo HD liposuction is characterised by precision, safety and spectacular effects. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and the recovery period is very short, lasting just a few days.


  • reduction of local adipose (fatty) tissue,
  • slimming.


Excess of fatty tissue in:

  • the abdomen,
  • “love handles” (in the waist),
  • upper arms,
  • inner parts of the thighs,
  • outer parts of the thighs (the so-called “saddle bags”),
  • areas over the knees,
  • gynaecomastia.
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Zdjęcia ukazują̨ efekt zabiegu u konkretnego pacjenta. Efekt zabiegu może się̨ różnić́ w zależności od indywidualnych cech pacjenta, liczby powtórzeń́ zabiegu, stosowania się̨ pacjenta do zaleceń́ pozabiegowych oraz umiejętności i doświadczenia osoby przeprowadzającej zabieg. Wszelkie prawa (w tym autorskie) do fotografii są zastrzeżone dla SKIN LASER LUEBLSCY SP. Z O.O.

About the procedure

The liposuction procedure known as VASER LIPO opens up new ways in body contouring. It produces a three-dimensional effect on larger areas, such as the abdomen, thighs, knees, hips, and waist. It helps to highlight the muscles, thereby making the body look sportier.

The Vaser Lipo procedure stands out due to its safety, effectiveness and accuracy. Unlike other methods, such as laser liposuction, water liposuction (Body Jet) or traditional solutions involving mechanical damage to the fatty tissue, the VASER LIPO procedure shows extreme accuracy in breaking down fat cells by means of ultrasounds, without causing any damage to the surrounding nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Next, after being broken down, the fatty tissue gets sucked out of the body.

The fatty tissue sucked off using the VASER LIPO method is of a very high quality, has a high concentration level of stem cells (approx. 80%) and may be reused, for example, in cheek contouring procedures as natural filler! Find out more about lipofilling here.

Contrary to other methods, the VASER LIPO procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, which means that the physician is in contact with the Patient throughout the procedure, and due to the lower invasiveness of the treatment, the recovery period is reduced to a few days.

VASER LIPO is a certified (amongst others, by the FDA certification) medical device, whose effectiveness is confirmed by numerous clinical studies. It is a procedure recognised by physicians all over the world as a safe, effective and minimally invasive method for sucking off the fat tissue – it is a number one procedure in the United States!


For whom?

VASER LIPO is a treatment procedure for those who wish to get rid of their fatty tissue in a safe and effective way. It is also recommended for individuals with local deposits of fatty tissue, resistant to exercise or diet! The application of the latest technology makes it possible to achieve spectacular effects.


What does the treatment procedure look like?

The Vaser liposuction procedure consists of two stages:

First, the physician makes a small incision in the skin, into which a thin probe is inserted. The probe emits ultrasonic waves that selectively break down the fatty tissue, while leaving the surrounding tissues intact.

Next, the fatty tissue transformed into emulsion is vacuum-sucked from the body. The precision of the VASER LIPO procedure makes it possible not only to remove fat but also to shape the body, thereby achieving a spectacular effect of three-dimensionality.


Pain sensations

Unlike other methods, e.g. laser or water liposuction, the VASER LIPO solution available in our clinic is delivered under local anaesthesia, which does not stress the body as much as general anaesthetics.


Duration of the treatment procedure

The duration of the treatment procedure depends on the area to be treated, but the estimated length of the entire procedure is 4 – 6 hours.


Post-treatment recovery

The VASER LIPO procedure requires a few days of relaxation afterwards. The second day after the treatment procedure, the Patient is strongly advised to begin a series of lymphatic massage sessions. Our recommendation is to undergo around 15 – 20 sessions, performed 2 – 3 times a week. It is necessary to wear special compression clothes for 6 weeks after the treatment procedure. The purpose of the clothes is to accelerate the recovery of the skin. They are included in the price of the treatment procedure.


How to prepare for the treatment procedure?

It is important to have the routine laboratory tests performed before the procedure. At the Patient’s request, we may order the service of blood collection at our clinic from Śląskie Laboratoria Analityczne (Silesian Analytical Laboratories).

The following tests must be performed before the treatment procedure: complete blood count, coagulation parameters (APTT or INR), albumin levels, AspAT, AlAT, CRP, presence of such antibodies/antigens as: HCV, HBV, HIV, general urine analysis, and – in the case of women – a pregnancy test (bHCG).

The test results must be delivered personally or via e-mail not later than 7 days before the scheduled date of the treatment procedure.

Recommendations after surgery

unikanie sauny
Do not use sauna
Do not use a swimming pool


  • liver diseases,
  • kidney diseases,
  • uncontrolled thyroid disease,
  • blood-clotting (coagulation) disorders,
  • diabetes,
  • heart diseases,
  • skin diseases,
  • pregnancy and lactation.

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Price list

Chin PLN 4 500
Upper arms PLN 5 500
Abdomen PLN 8 500
Waist PLN 6 500
Back PLN 6 000
Outer highs PLN 6 500
Inner highs  PLN 6 500
Knees PLN 5 000
Gynecomastia PLN 6 500
1 lymphatic massage 100 - 150 zł
Compression garment as a part of the treatment


RENUVION skin firming after liposuction:

single area PLN 5 000
second and each additional one PLN 3 000

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