Project: "Improving the competitiveness of Skin Laser Studio by purchasing modern equipment."
Project value: PLN 760,368.00
EU co-financed value: PLN 352,022.22
Regional Operational Programme of the Province of Silesia
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Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional
Development Fund (ERDF) under the Regional Operational Programme
of the Province of Silesia for 2007-2013

"Source information concerning the Regional Operational Programme of the Province of Silesia for the years 2007-2013 can be found at"

The project implementation contributed to the introduction of the following services into our offer:

1. Removal, collection and transplantation of adipose (fatty) tissue with the maintenance of connective tissue, using an ultrasonic device.
SOLTA VASER uses the technology based on ultrasonic energy that demonstrates great precision in directing the energy of ultrasonic waves only at the unwanted fatty tissue. The specialist system installed in the device is a comprehensive platform for performing infusions, emulsification and suctioning of fat. Using small probes, the device emits ultrasonic waves that gently separate and break down the adipose (fatty) tissue, thereby allowing for its efficient extraction without damaging the fat cells. The high-precision probes allow the physician to directly suction, spin and re-implant the tissue in order to shape and improve the appearance of other body parts.

2. Autologous transplantation of stem cells derived from adipose (fatty) tissue
Based on a simple and effective system, ADIVIVE is a device that eliminates contaminations and preparatory activities as well as helps to obtain living adipose (fatty) tissue for transplantation. This type of transplantation is a safe method for restoring the volume of tissues and correcting various pathological defects. The device separates the cells of this adipose tissue and selects the youngest ones with the longest life span (the so-called stem cells). Stem cells make it possible to reconstruct the old or diseased dermal tissue, cartilage and bone tissue, nervous tissue and other tissues.

3. Removal of deep skin lesions by using fractional ablative photothermolysis
The eCO2 Plus laser combines the advantages of the deep, ablative action of the CO2 laser impulses with the safety of focused photothermolysis (combining the properties of a CO2 laser with a fractional laser). The laser demonstrates deep penetration into the skin, thereby indirectly leading to its rejuvenation, elimination of strong discolorations and deep wrinkles, restoration of skin density, non-surgical lifting of the eyelids and smoothing out of deep scarring, acne scars and stretch marks. The device’s characteristic mode of action makes the treatment procedures safer and reduces the severity of side effects to a much greater extent than standard CO2 models. A specific feature of the laser is the percentage of skin covered by its beams, which amounts to approximately 20% per single treatment. The 80% of intact skin is a crucial value for the processes of healing and tissue regradation. Such an approach considerably shortens the recovery time, reduces the risk of post-operative complications that are the most common cause of patient dissatisfaction. Compared with other lasers, this laser offers the following advantages: high precision, minimised skin reactions, the highest impulse energy and state-of-the-art laser technology.

4. Strong remodelling of subcutaneous collagen using coagulation and overheating points
The RF INFINI system is designed to provide exceptionally intense skin regeneration with a view to making the skin firmer, denser and smooth. The device uses microneedles and radio-frequency current for localised heating of the tissues inside the skin. Unlike treatments with other equipment, the therapy provides strong stimulation of new collagen production, resulting in the desired thickening and firming of the skin in exactly the area we need it, without causing any damage to the epidermis.

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