Cryolipolysis - non-invasive body contouring - reduction of adipose (fatty) tissue

Cryolipolysis - a safe method for getting rid of fat from selected areas of your body


Non-invasive reduction of adipose (fatty) tissue – a safe cooling process destroys fat cells;

Reduced circumference of selected body parts – thanks to topical administration into the accumulated fat areas;

Slimmer figure in a natural way – fat is removed in a physiological process.


Local obesity or excess body fat in the following areas:

  • abdomen,
  • waist (love handles),
  • upper arms,
  • the inner side of thighs,
  • the outer side of thighs (the so-called breeches),
  • popliteal fossa (the area located at the back of the knee joint).
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About the procedure

Cryolipolysis – body contouring

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive method of body contouring, involving the reduction of adipose (fatty) tissue by means of low temperatures. The cooling effect leads to disintegration (breakdown) of fat cells, known as lipolysis.

When cooled, the fat crystallises and the dead cells are removed from the body in a natural, physiological way. As a result, the layer of fat is gradually diminishing over the period of several weeks. The effects of the treatment can already be seen after 2-3 weeks.

Cryolipolysis – about the procedure

Before cryolipolysis, the thickness of the patient’s fat tissue is measured in order to programme the treatment parameters. Before using the applicator, a protective membrane is applied to the skin. The applicator is then brought in contact with the skin to vacuum suction the desired area and cool the skin, thereby freezing the fat cells.

Even though cryolipolysis is a painless procedure, the patients may experience tightness and intense cold in the area where the skin is suctioned. Cryolipolysis is accompanied by gentle massage to the treated area of the body. The massage additionally stimulates the elimination processes of fat cells and enhances the effects of the procedure.

Cryolipolysis, or fat freezing

Cryolipolysis requires no scalpel, no needles and no anaesthesia. The procedure is completely safe because the precisely programmed cooling process ensures effectiveness and carries no risk of damaging the epidermis and other tissues. Cryolipolysis guarantees reduction of the fat layer in 25–45%.

The treatment time is 60 minutes per one area and a subsequent procedure on the same area can be performed after 45 days (approx. 6 weeks). The procedure can be repeated every 15 days on a different area of skin.


  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • extensive scars (particularly within 12 months of their formation) in the treated area.

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Price list

Upper arms 1 200 zł
Abdomen 1 application 800 zł
Abdomen 2 applications 1 200 zł
Love handles 1 200 zł
Saddlebags 1 200 zł
Inner parts of thighs 1 200 zł
3 applications (e.g. abdomen and outer thighs) 1 600 zł

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