TightSculpting™ – reduction of adipose (fatty) tissue with a simultaneous skin-firming effect

TightSculpting? is an innovative laser treatment that employs two different lasers (Nd:YAG and Er:YAG) during a single treatment session. Thanks to such a combination, we not only achieve reduction in the adipose tissue but also make the skin firmer. The application of two complementary wavelengths makes it possible to produce spectacular effects.


  • reduction of adipose tissue;
  • improvement of skin firmness;
  • reduction of cellulite.


  • local excess of adipose tissue;
  • flabby skin on the body;
  • cellulite.
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About the procedure

TightSculpting™ is a non-invasive body shaping procedure that offers a safe alternative to laser lipolysis. The procedure involves simultaneous application of energy from two lasers, namely Nd:YAG – which is responsible for reducing adipose tissue and improving the firmness of deeper dermal layers, and Er:YAG – which improves the overall condition of superficial skin layers.

By improving fat metabolism and firming the connective tissue located in both deep and superficial layers of the skin, TightSculpting™ leads to significant enhancement of the skin’s condition and appearance.

The research published in Journal of the Laser and Health Academy indicates that this method, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, represents a very promising and non-invasive alternative to laser lipolysis.

FOTONA Dynamis SP is the latest product by the world-renowned FOTONA company. Besides the non-invasive laser reduction of fat with a simultaneous skin-firming effect, it offers a series of treatment options in the field of aesthetic medicine (e.g. the innovative FOTONA 4D treatment – read more) -> przekierowanie do podstrony Fotona 4D

What does the treatment procedure look like?

The TightSculpting™ treatment procedure consists of two stages:

The first involves application of the long Nd:YAG laser impulses with a view to reducing fat and firming the deeper dermal layers. The generated heat penetrates the entire thickness of the adipose tissue, thereby improving microcirculation and accelerating thermal contraction, which results in lipolysis.

The other stage uses the Er:YAG laser impulses that improve the overall condition of superficial skin layers. They are responsible for controlled heating of the superficial tissue, which results in collagen remodelling and general improvement of the skin’s properties (firmness, elasticity and tone).

The treatment procedure is performed using a special scanner, which allows for quick and precise application of energy, as well as informs the operator about the temperature present on the skin’s surface in order to protect the Patient against overheating or burning.

To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, we recommend adding a 20-minute cardio training after each treatment session, followed by manual lymphatic drainage.

Pain sensations

Our Patients describe the treatment procedure as comfortable and it requires no anaesthesia. The skin feels slightly warm in the treatment area.

Recommended number of treatment procedures

The number of recommended treatment procedures is an individual matter and depends on such factors as the amount of body fat and the effect we want to achieve. It is recommended to undergo from 1 to 7 treatment sessions at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.

Duration of the treatment procedure

Depending on the treatment site, the procedure may take from 15 minutes (on a small area) to 45–60 minutes (on a larger area, such as the abdomen).

Post-treatment recovery

Slight erythema and oedema (swelling) may persist on the skin for a few hours. The treatment requires no recovery period and Patients can resume their normal daily activities immediately afterwards.

Recommendations after surgery

Do not tan your skin
unikanie sauny
Do not use sauna
krem z filtrem
Use sunscreen


  • breast-feeding;
  • atopic dermatitis (skin inflammation);
  • the use of blood thinners (anticoagulants);
  • past and present cancers;
  • the use of steroids;
  • very sensitive skin;
  • antibiotic therapies (1 month before the treatment procedure);
  • inflammation, and viral or bacterial infection in the area of the skin to be treated.

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Price list

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Abdomen 800 zł 3 200 zł
Love handles 800 zł 3 200 zł
Upper arms 800 zł 3 200 zł
Thighs (one section: inner/outer/front/back) 800 zł 3 200 zł