Proposal treatments

Sonoqueen - the non-surgical facelift

Sonoqueen is a treatment procedure that produces spectacular effects of multidimensional lifting as well as improved skin tautness and smoothness. Thanks to the latest generation HIFU technology, the rebuilding process occurs in deep skin layers and requires no convalescence.

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Sonoqueen - niechirurgiczny lifting twarzy

Laser treatment of snoring (Fotona Dynamis SP)

It is an effective, pain-free and minimally invasive treatment option that improves the quality of sleep in patients and their co-sleeping family members. It offers an alternative to invasive surgical interventions or other treatment methods that fail to produce the desired effects. The effectiveness of the laser therapy has been noticed by as many as 80% of patients!

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Laserowe leczenie chrapania (Fotona Dynamis SP)

The Fotona 6D Hybrid Laser Facelift – rejuvenation of the new generation

The Fotona 6D offers unique treatment opportunities which help to achieve the following effects: skin lift and increased skin density, stimulation of collagen regeneration and reconstruction processes, wrinkle reduction, eyelid lift, smoother lips and better skin firmness. The 6D laser lift is a minimally invasive and safe treatment procedure that produces excellent results without pain and recovery period.

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Fotona 6D hybrydowy lifting twarzy - odmładzanie nowej generacji

AQUAPURE – hydropeeling with application of active substances

AQUAPURE is a procedure that combines hydropeeling with application of active substances into the skin for illumination, cleansing, hydration and rejuvenation. The procedure makes the skin luminous, reduces its pores, as well as improves its firmness and elasticity. The procedure is recommended in every respect - it is pain-free, requires no recovery period and produces spectacular effects!

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AQUAPURE - hydropeeling z aplikacją substancji aktywnych

BTL UNISON – slimming, better skin firmness and reduced cellulite!

It is a unique combination of monopolar radiofrequency and a shock wave therapy within a single applicator! The application of two technologies simultaneously maximises the effects of the treatment and is effective in eliminating such skin problems as local deposits of the adipose (fatty) tissue, cellulite, sagging skin and loss of firmness, metabolic disorders and accumulation of waste products (metabolites).

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BTL UNISON wyszczuplanie, poprawa jędrności skóry i redukcja cellulitu!

LYMPHASTIM (lymphatic) drainage

The LYMPHASTIM (lymphatic) drainage produces a feeling of incredible lightness and relaxation. The treatment procedure is extremely pleasant and has excellent health-improvement effects.

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Drenaż limfatyczny LYMPHASTIM

Laser acne treatment – FOTONA DYNAMIS SP

Acne is a problem that affects not only teenagers, but also increasing numbers of adults. Laser acne treatment is one of the most effective amongst the numerous treatment methods available. It shows high effectiveness and causes no adverse effects that can occur with other treatment modalities, such as pharmacological therapies. Laser acne treatment produces excellent effects and, additionally, stimulates deeper dermal layers to regenerate, thereby improving the general condition of the skin.

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Laserowe leczenie trądziku FOTONA DYNAMIS SP

Laser peeling (Fotona Dynamis SP resurfacing)

Silky smooth and bright skin, narrow pores, as well as smoothed out wrinkles are amongst the effects that can be expected as early as after the first Fotona laser peeling procedure. The effects are absolutely incomparable to those produced by other treatment procedures available so far, such as mechanical peeling, chemical peeling, or even series of microdermabrasion.

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Peeling laserowy (resurfacing Fotona Dynamis SP)