AQUAPURE – hydropeeling with application of active substances

AQUAPURE is a procedure that combines hydropeeling with application of active substances into the skin for illumination, cleansing, hydration and rejuvenation. The procedure makes the skin luminous, reduces its pores, as well as improves its firmness and elasticity. The procedure is recommended in every respect - it is pain-free, requires no recovery period and produces spectacular effects!


  • improvement of skin luminosity;
  • skin refreshment and cleansing;
  • regulation of sebum production;
  • narrowing of skin pores;
  • improvement of skin firmness and elasticity;
  • reduction of superficial lines and wrinkles;
  • reduction of superficial discolourations;
  • reduction of acne lesions;
  • enhancement of overall skin quality and condition;
  • slowing down of the ageing processes.


  • grey, dull and contaminated skin;
  • dilated pores;
  • excessive sebum production;
  • superficial discolourations;
  • acne lesions;
  • loss of skin firmness and elasticity;
  • epidermal hyperkeratosis;
  • skin preparation for more invasive treatment procedures.
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Treatment details

Duration: 30 - 60 min.
Anesthesia: brak
Recommended number of treatment sessions:

1- 8 treatment sessions

Specialist(s) performing the treatment:

Ewa Kotas, Żaneta Strońska, Iga Litwińska, Karolina Bartosik, Maria Sroczek


Katowice, Bielsko-Biała

Possibility to resume work:

immediately after treatment

About the procedure

AQUAPURE is recommended for people who would like to improve the quality and condition of their skin, as well as to achieve rejuvenating effects. The wide range of concentrated solutions makes it possible to personalise the treatment procedure for optimal results.

The treatment procedure can be performed on patients of all ages, offering an ideal solution both for individuals who would like to take care of their skin through deep cleansing, nutrition and revitalisation, and for those who wish to reduce the signs of ageing or acne lesions.

It is also a perfect choice for people before an important meeting, as it leaves the skin looking radiant and firm.

What does the treatment procedure look like?

AQUAPURE consists of 4 stages, each targeted at a specific area:

  1. The first stage is the so-called AQUAPEEL and involves deep cleansing of the skin through the application of three different solutions, each having a concrete action:

    PEEL+, a solution whose task is to accelerate the exfoliation process, in order to remove impurities, dead epidermis and comedones (blackheads). It leaves the skin smooth and clean, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the subsequent stages.
    SEBO+, removes excessive sebum and dead epidermal cells. It helps you get rid of excessive sebum production and other skin imperfections, while maintaining proper hydration of the skin. It also helps to maintain the balance between sebum production and skin hydration.
    REJUVE+, provides substances rich in antioxidants in order to hydrate and nourish the skin. It prevents the loss of skin hydration.
  2. The second stage involves electroporation, which is aimed at nourishing the skin, improve its microcirculation, and penetration of nutrients. The effects are visible as soon as after the first procedure – the skin is luminous and radiant.
  3. The third step, i.e. microcurrent, is aimed at stimulating the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres, thereby leading to better skin firmness and face slimming effects.
  4. The last stage, namely cooling/heating, results in the improvement of blood supply, the reduction of skin hypersensitivity, and the acceleration of skin renewal processes.

Pain sensations

The treatment procedure is pain-free, non-invasive and fully comfortable.

Recommended number of treatment procedures

The number of treatment procedures depends on the condition of the skin and the effects we want to achieve. Individuals with a good-looking skin require no more than 1–4 treatment procedures. However, if we desire to improve the appearance of skin with acne lesions or minor wrinkles, it is recommended to undergo 6–8 procedures. The treatment sessions should be performed once or twice a week.

Duration of the treatment procedure

The AQUAPURE procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.

Post-treatment recovery

The AQUAPURE procedure requires no recovery period. Therefore, it is an ideal solution before an important meeting, because it spectacularly improves the appearance of the skin, giving it more luminosity and firmness.

Recommendations after surgery

No sunbathing
krem z filtrem
Cream with filter


For the cleansing procedure (stage 1) and the thermal procedure (stage 4):

  • interrupted epidermal continuity, open wounds;
  • acute acne lesions (in the treatment area);
  • viral diseases (including herpes) and bacterial infections of the skin, skin inflammation;
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • neoplasms;
  • epilepsy;
  • For the procedure using electric currents (stages 2 and 3):
  • interrupted epidermal continuity, open wounds;
  • acute acne lesions (in the treatment area);
  • viral diseases (including herpes) and bacterial infections of the skin, skin inflammation;
  • hypersensitivity to electric current;
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • neoplasms;
  • epilepsy;
  • metal stents/implants;
  • implanted electronic devices (pacemakers) with active systemic diseases, heart conditions.

Price list

AquaPure Face (a 4-stage procedure: aquapeel, electroporation, microcurrent, cooling/heating) 450 zł
AquaPure Face + Neck (a 4-stage procedure: aquapeel, electroporation, microcurrent, cooling/heating)  500 zł
AquaPeel (hydropeeling) 250 zł