Sonoqueen - the non-surgical facelift

Sonoqueen is a treatment procedure that produces spectacular effects of multidimensional lifting as well as improved skin tautness and smoothness. Thanks to the latest generation HIFU technology, the rebuilding process occurs in deep skin layers and requires no convalescence.


  • facelift,
  • lifting of the eyebrows,
  • improvement of skin firmness around the eyes,
  • reduction of the so-called double chin,
  • smoothing of wrinkles (around the lips, eyes, neck and on the forehead),
  • enhancement of the jawline,
  • lifting of the cheeks,
  • slowing down of the ageing processes,
  • improvement of skin luminosity.


  • flabby skin on the face,
  • drooping eyelids,
  • loss of skin firmness,
  • double chin,
  • sagging cheeks,
  • wrinkles,
  • smoothing out facial contours.
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About the procedure

The HIFU technology applied in the Sonoqueen device uses the latest generation of concentrated ultrasound wave energy. Thanks to its unique characteristics, we recommend this procedure for the most demanding of Patients.

A precise beam of high-intensity ultrasound waves reaches as many as three layers of skin, adipose (fatty) tissue and the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system), thereby triggering points of thermal coagulation, which activate the formation of new collagen fibres in the deep layer of skin, regenerate the old and flaccid ones as well as shrink the tissues to produce a multidimensional skin-tightening effect.

This process results in spectacular improvement of the skin tautness and ?rmness.

Changes in skin appearance are visible immediately after the treatment procedure and the final effect can be enjoyed by the Patient 3 – 6 months later.

For whom?

Sonoqueen is a procedure recommended for people whose skin has shown signs of progressing ageing processes and who wish to improve their skin’s firmness and elasticity.

It is also recommended for persons whose skin is in good condition but who would nevertheless like to take preventive measures and slim down their facial contours.

The Sonoqueen device is equipped with 4 types of cartridges to reach different depths of the skin. As a result, depending on the Patient’s age, the condition of the skin and the expected results, the physician can use fully customised treatment parameters.

What does the treatment look like?

The first stage involves application of ultrasound gel onto the treatment area for proper delivery of the ultrasound energy. Next, the physician uses appropriate cartridges to conduct the procedure. When the procedure is over, the Patient receives recommendations for post-treatment care.

Pain sensations

A huge advantage of this procedure is its painlessness. The procedure requires no anaesthesia and is described by Patients as highly comfortable.

Recommended number of treatment procedures

The number of recommended treatment procedures is an individual matter and depends on such factors as the Patient’s age, skin condition and expected effects. One series consists of 1 – 3 treatment procedures at intervals of 3 – 4 months.

Duration of the procedure

Depending on the treatment site, the procedure lasts from 15 minutes on a small area (e.g. crow’s feet) to 2 hours on a larger area (e.g. the face, neck and neckline).

Post-operative recovery

Immediately after the procedure, slight reddening may appear to the skin, which normally fades within a few hours. Patients may also develop slight swelling (oedema), which persists for up to a few days after treatment. After the procedure, Patients can resume their normal daily activities and no convalescence period is required.

Recommendations after surgery

krem z filtrem
Use sunscreen


  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • pacemakers, bypasses,
  • neoplasms,
  • diabetes,
  • skin infections,
  • severe sunburns,
  • active acne,
  • interrupted epidermal continuity,
  • conditions affecting the wound healing process,
  • implants,
  • fillers and Botox (a period of two weeks after treatment),
  • epilepsy.

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Price list

(a 25% of discount)
Face 6 000 zł 4 500 zł
Face + lower chin 7 000 zł 5 250 zł
Face + neck 7 000 zł 5 250 zł
Face + lower chin + neck 8 500 zł 6 375 zł
Face + lower chin + neck + neckline 10 000 zł 7 500 zł
Area around the eyes (eyelid lift – upper eyelids, lower eyelids, crow’s feet) 2 000 zł 1 500 zł
Upper eyelids with eyebrow lift 1 200 zł 900 zł
Lower eyelids 600 zł 450 zł
Crow’s feet 800 zł 600 zł
Cheeks 4 000 zł 3 000 zł
Area around the mouth 2 000 zł 1 500 zł
Upper lip area 1 000 zł 750 zł
Lower lip area 1 000 zł 750 zł
Lower chin 2 000 zł 1 500 zł
Neckline 3 000 zł 2 250 zł
Neck 2 500 zł 1 875 zł
Lower chin + neckower chin 4 000 zł 3 000 zł
Upper arms 4 000 - 6 000 zł  
Knees 3 000 zł  
Abdomen 6 000 - 8 000 zł  
Waist 3 000 - 4 000 zł  
Buttocks 6 000 - 8 000 zł  
Inner thighs 7 000 - 10 000 zł  
Outer thighs 7 000 - 10 000 zł  
Front of the thighs 7 000 - 10 000 zł  
Back of the thighs 7 000 - 10 000 zł  
Inner or outer thighs + front or back 12 000 zł  
Backs od hands 2 000 zł  

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