Ulthera - the most effective of non-surgical lifts - a spectacular facelift:

The Ulthera system - a revolutionary rejuvenation technique without a scalpel


Supple and lifted skin – the procedure makes the skin more supple, improves facial contours as well as shapes the cheeks, neck, jawline and chin.

A visibly younger look – the regeneration of collagen fibres eliminates skin folds and flabbiness, including drooping eyelids and corners of the lips;

Precise face modelling – ultrasound monitoring of skin layers makes it possible to emit ultrasounds exactly to the desired depth;

It takes only one procedure – a satisfying effect visible after 1 treatment procedure, by safely stimulating the skin for long-lasting production of new and improved collagen;

Increasingly beautiful appearance for 3 months – the effects emerge gradually and last for up to a few years.


  • drooping forehead and eyelids;
  • lowered eyebrows;
  • excess skin in upper eyelids;
  • sagging skin on the cheeks;
  • deep nasolabial folds;
  • sagging, flabby chin;
  • loss of jawline;
  • drooping corners of the lips;
  • flabby skin on the neck;
  • wrinkles on the neckline.
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About the procedure

Ulthera – ultrasound lift

It is a cutting-edge device for performing non-invasive skin lifting therapies, making it possible to achieve results comparable to those of surgical lift techniques. The Ulthera system can emit ultrasounds exactly to the depth we need, which is possible through ultrasound monitoring and the technology to control the image of skin layers at a depth of up to 8 mm. The procedure is performed beneath the skin surface, without affecting the epidermal layers.

The physician can choose from a variety of operating heads to meet the diverse frequency and depth requirements, depending on the treated area. By visualising the subcutaneous tissue, the Ulthera system is capable of precisely delivering concentrated waves of ultrasonic impulses to the tissues of the face or other parts of the body. When applied on the face and neck, the procedure triggers a natural body mechanism, resulting in the production of new and improved collagen that gradually lifts the skin and makes it suppler. The regeneration of collagen fibres helps the skin resist the gravitational effect which causes its sagging.

Ulthera – non-invasive facelift

The Ulthera therapy stimulates the so-called fibroblasts (cells in the skin) to produce new collagen, thereby reducing the age-related sagging and overhanging of skin. The therapy makes the skin suppler, improves facial contours as well as shapes the cheeks, jawline and chin. Moreover, it firms the neck and eliminates drooping eyelids and corners of the lips, thus leading to a visibly younger and refreshed look.

One procedure is enough to achieve a satisfying effect – the treatment may be performed at one or two depth levels, depending on the condition of the treated skin and the purpose of the therapy. The effects emerge gradually within 3 months of the therapy and last for up to a few years.

Ulthera – painless lift:

The procedure takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours. A slight discomfort is experienced for a few seconds, which can be neutralised by administering an analgesic (painkiller) 30 minutes before the procedure.

The therapy with the Ulthera system does not require recovery and patients may resume their daily activities immediately afterwards. There is only a slight erythema that persists no longer than 1-2 hours.

Ulthera – skin lifting procedure for demanding patients

Ulthera is the only device designed for skin lifting therapies, which produces effects comparable to those of a surgical lift. Other technologies, such as Thermage, are used for firming or thickening the skin and are not capable of eliminating excess skin to such a great extent as the Ulthera system.

The Ulthera therapy is intended for individuals over 30 years of age who have already noticed the first signs of ageing and for older patients who require different parameters during the procedure, appropriately to their age and skin condition. Ulthera is also used for slimming down the face.

Ulthera – skin lift of exceptional safety

Before the Ulthera device was put into use, it had undergone numerous clinical studies in prestigious centres, including the University of California in San Diego, the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, the Harvard Medical School, the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

The studies involved more than 1,000 patients worldwide. The findings indicated that the Ulthera therapy was characterised by an excellent safety profile and significant, reproducible results. Clinical studies did not reveal any delayed problems related to nerves or blood vessels.

The safety and unique nature of the Ulthera system were confirmed in 2009 by the “de novo” certificate awarded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The de novo procedure indicates that no similar device is currently available on the market. Ulthera was also awarded the European Certificate of Conformance (CE Mark) in 2008, followed by the Health Canada Certificate a year later.


  • open wounds;
  • facial skin lesions;
  • acne lesions;
  • metal stents;
  • mechanical implants;
  • implanted electronic devices;
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding period;
  • epilepsy.

Dental implants do not represent a contraindication for the Ulthera treatment.

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Price list

Face + lower chin 8 000 zł
Face + lower chin + neck 9 500 zł
Face + lower chin + neck + neckline 11 000 zł
Cheeks 5 000 zł
Lower chin 2 500 zł
Crow’s feet 800 zł
Area around the eyes (with eyebrow lift) 2 500 zł
Lower eyelids 600 zł
Upper eyelids (with eyebrow lift) 1 200 zł
Lower + upper eyelids (without eyebrow lift) 1 200 zł
Area of the lips  2 000 zł
Neck 2 500 zł
Neckline 3 000 zł

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