STEM CELLS - skin regeneration

Autologous stem cells - the most effective and natural method of rejuvenating the skin


Intensive regeneration and rejuvenation – the wrinkles in the site of stem cell application are thoroughly smoothed out;

A one-time therapy – thanks to their high effectiveness, stem cells are administered only once and the effects intensify for a year;

A hypoallergenic preparation – the skin is injected with the patient’s own cells, which perfectly adapt to the new site, thereby carrying no risk of complications and allergies.


  • sunken cheeks;
  • sunken temples and forehead; 
  • facial wrinkles;
  • smoker’s wrinkles;
  • wrinkles around the eyes and lips;
  • drooping eyelids; 
  • hand and neckline regeneration.
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About the procedure

Stem cells – natural skin lift

Stem cells have been an important discovery in recent years. Aesthetic medicine uses stem cells for rejuvenation therapies, wrinkle-?lling procedures (the so-called lipofilling) and for the treatment of alopecia (baldness). Stem cells are also successfully utilised in many other branches of medicine – in the treatment of joint diseases, spinal cord injuries and neurological conditions.

Rejuvenation and lifting procedures using stem cells are amongst the most advanced and effective methods of reversing the ageing process. Stem cells smooth out wrinkles and lift sagging cheeks. The stem cell therapy makes discolorations and dilated pores disappear. These ‘wonder’ cells make patients look much more radiant and even several years younger.

Stem cells – not only facelift

Stem cells are unspecialised cells that have the ability to differentiate into specialised human cells with specific functions depending on the body needs. They can respond to such needs in a universal manner, smoothly adapting to new sites and functions.

Moreover, stem cells have the extraordinary ability to move towards weaker tissues or organs affected by a disease. They are excellent in identifying the problem at the site and repairing any existing damage. Apart from that, the effects of stem cells are completely natural.

Stem cells – skin lift for years

Stem cells are very flexible to react to their surrounding environment and can differentiate into the cells of the tissue into which they have been injected. Thanks to their nearly unlimited ability to divide, the amount of stem cells supplied during the procedure undergoes long-term renewal, thereby extending the active lifetime of the cells even for years.

Stem cells can be administered in order to rejuvenate the face, neck, neckline and hands. The therapy also regenerates weak hair and does not damage the skin or the subcutaneous tissue. The appearance undergoes gradual improvement through the activation of regeneration processes. The administration of stem cells causes no damage to the skin or subcutaneous tissues. Their effects become more and more visible week by week and gradually intensify for a year after the therapy.

Stem cells – about the skin lift procedure

Stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body and administered exactly where they are supposed to produce lifting and regenerating effects. The lifting therapy using stem cells is a one-off procedure that involves the use of a special system to collect the patient’s fat cells, which have the highest concentration of stem cells in the body.

The strongest stem cells are isolated from the collected material, using the state-of-the art Adivive system. Next, the best quality cells are injected into the sites that require treatment. Their function is to boost the regeneration of the skin. Stem cells also stimulate the restoration of blood cells as well as nourish and supply the skin cells with oxygen, thereby inhibiting the process of skin ageing.

Stem cells are not platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

The stem cells administered to rejuvenate the body are a different procedure from the popular therapy using platelet?rich plasma from autologous blood. The latter, however, can also be effectively used for skin regeneration purposes.

While platelet-rich plasma accelerates cell regeneration and repair, stem cells can boast even a higher potential, being responsible for the reconstruction of tissues and the formation of news cells in the site to which they have been transplanted.

Stem cells – how do they work?

The action of stem cells is more intense than that of platelet-rich plasma because they replace old cells with new ones and strongly stimulate blood supply to the skin. Stem cells ensure comprehensive rejuvenation, thereby restoring the subcutaneous tissue and improving the skin quality.

They also restore the cheeks, forehead and temples in a natural way, by lifting and filling these areas. As a consequence, the face is given a more youthful look.


  • anomalous blood coagulation factors; 
  • therapy with blood-thinning drugs (e.g. aspirin); 
  • history of thrombosis;
  • skin infections.

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Price list

Face 3 000 zł
Neck 3 000 zł
Neckline 3 000 zł
Face + neck 5 400 zł
Face + neck + neckline 8 000 zł
Backs of hands 3 000 zł
Head (hair thickening) 3 000 zł

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