Needle Mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy - effective skin revitalisation


Skin revitalisation – thicker skin after the regeneration of collagen fibres and elastin;

Brighter skin without wrinkles – the intensive nourishment makes the skin glowing and radiant; 

Improved cell metabolism and microcirculation – the “cocktail” for mesotherapy is selected individually to match the needs of the skin;

Gradual improvement of the skin condition – the regeneration process lasts for a few months after the therapy;

High effectiveness of mesotherapy also in the case of hair loss, cellulite and stretch marks.


  • skin flabbiness (face, neck, neckline, upper arms, thighs and abdomen),
  • wrinkles,
  • cellulite (thighs, abdomen and buttocks),
  • scars,
  • stretch marks,
  • alopecia (baldness).

Other indications:

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Treatment details

About the procedure

Needle mesotherapy to remove wrinkles

Needle mesotherapy involves a series of micro-injections into the skin, using a special injection gun, syringe or the Vital Injector – a brand-new device on the market, which helps to prevent bruising and makes the procedure painless. Suitable medicinal substances are injected exactly where needed, through the impermeable epidermal barrier. They provide nutrition to fatigued and pathologically affected areas. 

Mesotherapy facilitates the absorption of these substances and their subsequent utilisation by the body. The “cocktail” administered during mesotherapy contains hyaluronic acid, active vitamins (e.g. A, C and E), proteins and natural extracts. 

Mesotherapy – treats and beautifies

Over the past few decades, mesotherapy has been successfully used in aesthetic dermatology to perform a series of injections into the face and other parts of the body for medical purposes, both preventive and curative.

Preventive mesotherapy is intended to reduce the symptoms of skin ageing, such as wrinkles and flabby skin. It can be used in combination with other aesthetic treatments and rarely produces any allergic reactions.

Mesotherapy improves the appearance of the skin

Needle mesotherapy of the face is a very popular skin-nourishing treatment. The purpose of the therapy is to enhance cell metabolism, stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin as well as improve microcirculation. Needle mesotherapy ensures proper nutrition of the skin and, when performed on the face, neck and neckline, it aims to improve the structure of the skin and retain water.

Even though the procedure is not painful, patients with a low pain threshold can have their skin anaesthetised with a special cream. Skin reactions, such as slight swelling, bruising, papulae and tiny blisters disappear after a few days or usually after a few hours. Such treatments as needle mesotherapy are performed in a series (at least 4 therapies are recommended) of weekly intervals, followed by one treatment per month. For the effects to be maintained, the treatment procedures must be repeated once per quarter.


  • allergies,
  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • neoplastic diseases,
  • inflammatory lesions,
  • therapy with anticoagulant drugs,
  • diabetes,
  • skin inflammation and abscesses,
  • herpes.

Price list

(a 20% discount)
Face 450 zł 1 800 zł
Face +  eye area 600 zł 2 400 zł
The area around the eyes (removal of shadows and bags under the eyes) 290 zł 1 160 zł
The area around the eyes Global Eyecon: peeling + mesotherapy 450 zł 1 080 zł
package of 3 treatments
The area around the mouth (vertical smoker's wrinkles) 290 zł 1 160 zł
Neck 400 zł 1 600 zł
Neckline 450 zł 1 800 zł
Face + neck 650 zł 2 600 zł
Face + neck + neckline 870 zł 3 480 zł
Neck + neckline 650 zł 2 600 zł
Backs of the hands 400 zł 1 600 zł
HairCare/XL Hair scalp solution 450 zł 1 800 zł
Abdomen 600 zł 2 400 zł
Buttocks 600 zł 2 400 zł
Outer and inner thighs 600 zł 2 400 zł
Steroid injection of scars from 200 zł  
Juvederm Volite skin revitalisation - 1 amp. 1 500 zł  
Juvederm Volite skin revitalisation - 2 amp. 2 200 zł  
Revitalization with Restylane Skinboosters Vital 1ml 800 zł  
Peptide skin revitalization with Aquashine BTX 2 ml 1 000 zł  
Dr Cyj peptide hair therapy 750 zł 2800 zł
package of 4 treatments

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