Sculptra - filling effects even for deep wrinkles

A natural and gradual facelift, gradual rejuvenation


Long-term skin regeneration – Sculptra also promotes skin collagen production;

A smooth and rejuvenated face – immediate reduction of even the deepest of wrinkles;

Supple cheeks and refined facial contours – thanks to the activation of deep skin regeneration processes;

Natural effects – the processes of skin reconstruction are stimulated for many months.


  • correction of sunken cheeks,
  • correction of facial contours,
  • removal of folds from the nose and cheeks,
  • correction of drooping corners of the lips.
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About the procedure

Sculptra – a perfect tool for removing wrinkles

Sculptra is used to reduce deep wrinkles and restore the defects in facial volume which are responsible for the ageing processes (this produces the so-called volumetric effect). Sculptra (which is also termed Skultra or Scultra by our patients) is a potent stimulant of collagen production.

Its main component is polylactic acid which has been widely used in medicine for three decades. It is safe, well-tolerated by patients and metabolised in the body. Thanks to this substance, Sculptra is capable of stimulating the skin for a very long time after the treatment procedure.

Sculptra – the mode of action

The Sculptra preparation acts in two stages. At the first stage, Sculptra is active against wrinkles. Immediately after application, it smooths out the furrows and wrinkles as well as fills the nasolabial folds.

This is possible due to the fact that the dose of the preparation, when applied and distributed evenly on the skin, has the ability to fill up the wrinkles from the inside. After a few days, the water contained in the gel becomes absorbed and this is when the second stage begins, involving gradual and natural skin rejuvenation.

Sculptra – a natural facelift

At the second stage, the particles of polylactic acid contained in the Sculptra preparation lead to a gradual process of collagen synthesis, thereby providing natural skin reconstruction and restoring the youthful appearance and volume of the face.

Polylactic acid makes the skin suppler and lifts flaccid cheeks and chin. As a result, it promotes natural and long-term lifting and skin regeneration effects. Moreover, Sculptra improves the structure of the skin by making it even 8 mm thicker.

Sculptra – gradual regeneration

Thanks to its gradual effects, Sculptra ensures a very natural effect of the facelift. The face becomes increasingly relaxed and regenerated every day. The effect lasts for 12-24 months.

Polylactic acid ensures complete safety and long-term action. No allergy tests are required prior to the treatment procedure, because polylactic acid does not contain allergenic proteins.

Sculptra – no risk of allergies

Prior to the procedure, the skin is anaesthetised with an anaesthetic cream. Afterwards, patients might experience temporary reactions such as swelling, reddening or haematomas. All these, however, fade away after a few days. It is possible to apply cover make-up directly after the treatment procedure.

Once the procedure is over, the physician gives the patient massage for 10 minutes. For the next 14 days, the patient should perform such massage himself/herself twice a day. The number of treatment procedures depends on the patient’s individual needs and expectations. On average, it is necessary to perform 2-4 sessions, at intervals of 4 weeks. The effects of the correction last for up to two years. In order to maintain them, it is recommended to repeat 1 or 2 treatment procedures in a year.


  • pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • local inflammatory, viral and bacterial lesions of the skin.

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Sculptra 1 area 1 800 zł

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