Scalp mesotherapy - stimulation of hair growth

Needle mesotherapy of the scalp - a solution to inhibit hair loss


Stronger hair – better nourishment of the scalp and hair bulbs makes the hair healthier;

Reduced hair loss – the hair recovers the missing components, thereby preventing premature hair loss;

Re-growing hair – increased metabolism makes the hair grow thicker and faster.


  • hair loss,
  • alopecia areata (spot baldness),
  • androgenic alopecia,
  • stressed hair (e.g. following an illness, general anaesthesia and pregnancy).

Other indications:

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About the procedure

Scalp mesotherapy to tackle hair loss

Needle mesotherapy of the head involves injecting the scalp using a special injection gun or syringe. Suitable medicinal substances are injected into the scalp so that they can strengthen the hair bulbs and nourish the hair follicles.

Scalp mesotherapy demonstrates high efficacy in preventing hair loss. The procedure also stimulates hair regrowth, on condition that the hair follicles are not atrophied.

Needle mesotherapy and growth factors

The cocktail administered during mesotherapy contains such active substances as vitamins, zinc, nucleic acids, coenzymes and extremely valuable amino acids (the so-called biomimetic peptides and growth factors).

Medicinal injections also use platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood and stem cells extracted from autologous adipose tissue. You can read more about the procedure using platelet-rich plasma by clicking here and stem cells by clicking here.

Mesotherapy for hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that is effectively addressed by mesotherapy. During the procedure, there are multiple injections into the lateral and upper part of the scalp. The intensive phase of the treatment requires 1 procedure per week, for the period of 1-2 months. After that, in order to maintain the effects of the treatment, it is enough to attend one treatment session per month.

The effects of scalp mesotherapy are satisfying for the patients. After mesotherapy with a suitable mixture of nutritional substances, hair loss is reduced by 70% (within 4 months) and the regrowth of new hair is possible in 30%.

Needle mesotherapy – an antidote to hair loss

Alopecia (baldness) is a problem that mainly affects men, regardless of their age. Young people who experience hair loss at early ages are at risk of faster balding at an older age.

Excessive hair loss may be caused by poor blood circulation, improper diet or excess dihydrotestosterone. Mesotherapy against hair loss is also highly indicated in patients who suffer from seasonal hair loss (in the spring and autumn). It is a safe and non-invasive procedure.


  • allergies,
  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • neoplastic diseases,
  • inflammatory lesions,
  • therapy with anticoagulant drugs,
  • diabetes,
  • skin inflammation and abscesses,
  • herpes.

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Price list

Platelet rich plasma 900 zł/1 treatment 2 160 zł/a package of 5 treatment procedures
Platelet rich plasma and fibrin 1 200 zł/1 treatment 2 880 zł/a package of 5 treatment procedures
HairCare mesotherapy 450 zł/1 treatment 1  800 zł/a package of 5 treatment procedures
Dr. Cyj peptide therapy 750 zł/1 treatment 2 800 zł/a package of 5 treatment procedures
Stem cells 3 000 zł/1 treatment  

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