Platelet-rich plasma against baldness (Regeneris for hair) - hypoallergenic thinning - hair growth

Regeneris platelet-rich plasma - a natural method for combating hair loss


Hair growth or thickening – cells and growth factors stimulate the cellular renewal process in the scalp;

Proper nourishment of the scalp – living plasma cells supply the skin with vital nutrients that strengthen the hair;

A completely safe procedure – using the patient’s own tissues, recommended for allergy sufferers.


  • hair loss,
  • alopecia areata (spot baldness),
  • androgenic alopecia (baldness),
  • stressed hair (e.g. following an illness, general anaesthesia and pregnancy).

Other indications:

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Treatment details

About the procedure

Regeneris for hair – a remedy for falling hair

The “Vampire facelift” therapy (platelet-rich plasma against alopecia, Regeneris) involves administration of a special preparation, based on the patient’s own blood, into pathologically changed or weakened areas on the scalp. The aim of the treatment is to stimulate hair growth or make the hair grow thicker. The collected blood is processed in a special laboratory centrifuge in order to separate platelets from plasma and make the latter a few times thicker. Once centrifuged, the plasma is treated with an activating factor that extracts the most valuable contents. Concentrated plasma contains proteins and growth factors that activate cells.

Platelet-rich plasma to target alopecia (baldness) – an effective therapy

The preparation with platelet-rich plasma is administered to patients in a manner similar to that used in the traditional scalp mesotherapy. The therapy involves injecting the bald spots of the scalp with the Regeneris plasma, which stimulates the stem cells of hair follicles to go from a resting state to an active state. The Regeneris platelet-rich plasma strengthens the hair follicles and stimulates the scalp, thereby encouraging new hair growth. It is recommended to undergo 3 treatment sessions at intervals of 2 months.

Since the preparation is extracted from autologous plasma, the Regeneris solution is 100% biocompatible. This means that the therapy carries no risk of intolerance or immune reactions. Platelet-rich plasma is therefore safe for allergy sufferers and individuals who have a high regard for natural therapies.

Platelet-rich plasma to target alopecia – after the treatment

Immediately after the procedure, the patient may experience increased tightness of the scalp at the injection site. This is an indication that the platelet-rich plasma has started to work. Such sensations are associated with the gradual release of growth factors from the platelets and their intense effect on the tissues.

After the Regeneris platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair has been applied, the new hair is stronger and visibly thicker. However, it is necessary to wait for the final results – the process of hair regrowth takes approximately 3 months.


  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • blood diseases,
  • neoplasms,
  • anticoagulant therapy.

Price list

Platelet rich plasma 900 zł/1 treatment 2 160 zł/a package of 5 treatment procedures
Platelet rich plasma and fibrin 1 200 zł/1 treatment 2 880 zł/a package of 5 treatment procedures
HairCare mesotherapy 450 zł/1 treatment 1  800 zł/a package of 5 treatment procedures
Dr. Cyj peptide therapy 750 zł/1 treatment 2 800 zł/a package of 5 treatment procedures
Stem cells 3 000 zł/1 treatment  

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