Plexr - an alternative to surgical eyelid lifting

New possibilities of rejuvenating the skin in the eye area.


Correction of drooping eyelids – eliminating excess skin, lifting the eyelids and producing the “open eye” effect;

Correction of wrinkles around the eyes – smoothing out expression lines and improving skin suppleness;

Stimulation of regeneration processes – stimulating skin cells to produce new collagen fibres.


  • eye area lifting (non-invasive blepharoplasty);
  • shallow and deep wrinkles around the eyes;
  • smoker’s wrinkles;
  • ear wrinkles.
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About the procedure

Description of the technology and operating principle

The Plexr device generates controlled microbeams of plasma. The procedure leads to sublimation (evaporation) of the epidermis, which consequently causes the skin in the treatment site to shrink, thereby creating a lifting effect on eyelids and the so-called “open eye” effect.

The plasma is generated in the space between the needle and the patient’s skin. The process of sublimation occurs only in the epidermis, without affecting the dermis or the surrounding tissues, as well as without causing any bleeding or inflammation.

The Plexr procedure is mainly indicated for non-invasive lifting of the eyelids, smoothing of wrinkles in the eye area as well as lines around the lips (the so-called smoker’s wrinkles) and ears.

In procedures that make use of energy sources, it is essential to guarantee safety for both the patient and the physician. The Plexr device uses an energy source that boosts the formation of plasma, without causing the current to flow through the physician and the patient. This is an innovative technology based on specific operating frequencies to generate plasma. It was developed and patented by the GMV company. The safety and effectiveness of the Plexr procedure have been confirmed by 5 years of proven clinical outcomes. This technology was first used in 2010 in Italy. Since then, it has been improved several times to offer patients a safe and effective procedure which was introduced to the Polish market in 2016.

The course of the procedure

The skin is numbed with anaesthetic cream around 30-40 minutes before the procedure, which is performed under general anaesthesia. The physician has full control of the patient and the effects of the procedure. The patient can be asked to close or open the eyelid at any moment in order to allow the physician to see the ongoing changes.

During the procedure, the plasma generated by the Plexr device makes small points on the surface of the skin, at the distance of 0.5 mm from each other, with each of these points causing sublimation (evaporation) of the superficial layers of the epidermis, without damaging the dermis.

It is recommended to undergo 1-3 treatment procedures and the therapy plan is determined during the consultation appointment with our specialist. The therapeutic effects last for 3-4 years.

Post-treatment care

Immediately after the procedure, it is recommended to apply a covering foundation cream which performs a double function. Firstly, it protects the treatment site against external factors. Secondly, it covers the sublimation points visible after the procedure in the form of tiny spots on the skin. On the second or third day after the procedure, a swelling will occur around the eyes, only to disappear around the fourth day post-treatment. The sublimation points are visible on the skin for up to 5-6 days after the procedure. After they fall off, it is necessary to use soothing creams and UVA/UVB filters in order to protect the skin against the harmful effects of sunlight and to avoid discolorations.

Being focused on the wellbeing of our patients and striving to ensure comprehensive care, our Clinic makes it possible for you to purchase products that are recommended in the daily post-treatment care:

  • The HYALUAL eye gel pads that soothe and reduce swelling – an ideal solution for patients who want to return to their daily activities as soon as possible after their treatment. The packaging contains one pair of pads which is enough to enjoy 7 applications. It is best to apply the pads immediately after the treatment procedure. It is recommended to use the pads on a daily basis, for 5-7 days after the procedure, by applying them for 20 minutes especially in the case of visible swelling. The price of one packaging is PLN 100.
  • The Avene Cicalfate or Bioderma Cicabio regenerating cream
  • The Bioderma Photoderm cream with a UVA/UVB filter.


  • inflammation of the treatment site;
  • bacterial, fungal and viral diseases of the skin;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding.

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Price list

Upper eyelids 1 200 zł
Lower eyelids 1 200 zł
Upper + lower eyelids 1 800 zł
Smoker's wrinkles 1 200 zł
Ear area 1 000 zł

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