LED Smartlux lamp - a pleasant treatment to regenerate the skin

LED Smartlux lamp - skin firming light with therapeutic properties - skin rejuvenation


Significantly reduced wrinkles – thanks to the regeneration and improved blood supply to the skin;

Skin revitalisation – activated by the light, the cells start to work more intensively;

Stronger skin – better nourishment and blood supply to cells, making the skin more supple and elastic;

Pleasant and non-invasive treatment – the soothing light of the lamp is conducive to relaxation.


  • removal of fine facial wrinkles,
  • firming the skin on the face, neck and neckline,
  • accelerated wound healing.

Other indications:

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About the procedure

LED Smartlux lamp – pleasant photorejuvenation

The LED Smartlux lamp is a unique device with therapeutic action, used for the treatment of skin diseases and in aesthetic medicine. The LED light improves skin suppleness, accelerates epidermal regeneration and stimulates the skin to repair its defects. This is a safe and highly-precise method, adapted to the needs of your skin. Moreover, it is non-invasive and non-ablative, thereby providing a wide range of applications.

The Smartlux lamp is equipped with broad-spectrum treatment heads that make it possible to adjust the treatment to the specific needs of our patients, thus ensuring extraordinary effectiveness. The treatment heads are made of LEDs and emit intensive, bright light with regenerating, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous properties.

LED Smartlux lamp – how does photorejuvenation work?

The LED Smartlux system uses light to stimulate cells, which start to activate their own vital functions and produce more enzymes. Photorejuvenation using the LED Smartlux lamp activates photosensitive receptors in the cells to generate energy. In this way, photorejuvenation leads to the nourishment and regeneration of cells, for instance on the face. Skin cells become gradually stronger, thereby producing a visible rejuvenation effect.

The number of LEDs installed in each head is precisely adapted to the specific nature of a given treatment procedure – ranging from 1,000 for green light to 2,400 for red light. Photorejuvenation is performed using the head with red light.

LED Smartlux photorejuvenation – about the procedure

Photorejuvenation using the LED Smartlux lamp is an extremely pleasant and relaxing therapy which, above all, demonstrates high efficacy. Patients are exposed to regenerating light that not only rejuvenates and revitalises their skin, but also alleviates pain and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. LED photorejuvenation is a safe therapy with very few contraindications.

Patients can resume their normal active lifestyle immediately after the treatment. LED photorejuvenation is performed in all seasons of the year and it can affect large areas of the skin, offering the possibility of being used in conjunction with other treatment techniques. The treatment process is completely painless, comfortable and, above all, effective. The first effects emerge after approximately 1.5 months and are dependent on the condition of the skin, as well as the patient’s age and individual features.


  • pacemakers,
  • pregnancy,
  • autoimmune skin diseases,
  • drugs that increase sensitivity to light,
  • epilepsy.

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Price list

(a 20% discount)
Light therapy with 1 light color 100 zł 800 zł
Light therapy with 2 colors of light 150 zł 1 200 zł
Light therapy with 3 colors of light 200 zł 1 600 zł

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