Laser removal of tattoos and permanent make-up Q-Switch (Spectra)

Removal of post-accident tattoos - removal and correction of permanent make-up


  • removal of an unwanted tattoo,
  • removal of permanent make-up,
  • lighten the tattoo to make a cover up.


  • black tattoos,
  • navy blue tattoos,
  • red tattoos,
  • brown tattoos,
  • permanent eyebrow make-up,
  • permanent lip make-up,
  • permanent lines on the upper or lower eyelid.
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Treatment details

Duration: 30 - 60 min.
Anesthesia: yes (anaesthetic cream)
Recommended number of treatment sessions:

tattoo 6 - 8 treatment procedures, permanent make-up 3 - 5 treatment procedures

Specialist(s) performing the treatment:

dr Krystyna Lubelska, lek. Jakub Sazanów-Lubelski



Possibility to resume work:

depending on the tattoo’s location: immediately after treatment or 3–5 days afterwards


Wszelkie prawa (w tym autorskie) do fotografii są zastrzeżone dla SKIN LASER LUBELSCY MEDYCYNA ESTETYCZNA I DERMATOLOGIA - K.J.M.J. LUBELSCY S.C.

About the procedure

Laser removal of tattoos and permanent make-up

Our Clinic removes tattoos and permanent make-up by means of a few top-quality lasers with different modes of action. Such a combination produces an excellent effect and allows us to effectively remove both tattoos and unwanted permanent make-up.

This success is based not only on the skilful selection of a suitable laser device and its intensity, but also on our extensive experience in such treatment procedures as laser tattoo removal or permanent make-up removal, which have been offered by our Clinic for many years.

World-class laser tattoo removal

The removal of both professional and unprofessional tattoos, permanent make-up and post-accident skin blemishes is usually possible in 90%. What determines the success of procedures is the tattoo colour, depth, type of dye (in the case of permanent make-up) and the patient's individual features.

Laser tattoo removal is usually performed by means of the Spectra laser or the Q-Switch laser. The Mosaic fractional laser is used to speed up skin recovery after the removal procedure. The removal of tattoos or permanent make-up requires a series of treatments and after each treatment procedure, the tattoo becomes brighter.

Tattoo removal – about laser treatment

The procedures of tattoo and permanent make-up removal, performed by means of the Spectra, Q-Switch and Mosaic lasers, comply with the latest global standards and minimise the risk of scars. Laser removal of tattoos or permanent make-up is a minimally painful procedure performed under local anaesthesia only.

After the treatment, tiny scabs may appear only to fall off after a few days. The epidermis is temporarily reddened at the treatment sites and therefore they must be protected from the sun. Each laser tattoo removal procedure results in temporary discolorations or momentary changes in skin structure. The latter disappear spontaneously within 1-3 years after the treatment. After the use of a fractional laser, these lesions fade much quicker or even disappear completely.

Spectra laser – removing tattoos and permanent make-up

The Spectra laser has two wavelengths that make it possible to remove permanent make-up and tattoos in almost all colours. This is one of the few lasers to have received the prestigious safety certificate issued by the restrictive Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Spectra laser successfully deals with black, navy blue, red and brown tattoos. Special laser tips for yellow and green dyes make it possible to remove tattoos in these intense colours as well.

Mosaic laser – laser tattoo removal

The Mosaic fractional laser stimulates deep regeneration and recovery of the skin affected by tattoos or permanent make-up. The process of new cell formation begins, removing the old and weakened cells from the body. In the irradiated area, the skin becomes denser and its quality gets better.

The innovative Mosaic fractional laser does not irradiate the entire surface of the skin, but causes a series of microscopic injuries that are surrounded by intact, healthy skin. An intensive healing process begins immediately after the procedure.

Recommendations after surgery

No sunbathing
unikanie sauny
Avoiding the sauna
krem przyśpieszający gojenie
Cream accelerating healing
krem z filtrem
Cream with filter
Lack of fitness
Avoiding the pool


  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • freshly-tanned skin (within the period of up to 2 weeks after the last sunbathing session),
  • epilepsy.

Price list

Tattoo  2 cm x 2 cm 250 zł
Tattoo  5 cm x 5 cm 400 zł
Tattoo  12 cm x 12 cm 800 zł
Larger area wycena indywidualna
Permanent makeup of brows 300 - 500 zł
Permanent makeup of lips 500 - 600 zł
Permanent lines on the upper or lower eyelid 900 zł

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