Ablative fractional eCO2 laser – intensive rejuvenation, removal of scars and stretch marks, and reduction of skin flabbiness

The ablative fractional eCO2 laser is an advanced system with unique properties and very high precision, making it possible to remove such problems as scars (of various origin), stretch marks, deep wrinkles, skin flaccidity and flabbiness, as well as other signs of photoageing. The laser is a safe and effective tool for handling the most demanding of skin problems, even in cases where other methods have failed.


  • resurfacing of scars;
  • reduction of stretch marks;
  • improvement of skin tension and firmness;
  • smoothing of wrinkles;
  • softening of nasolabial furrows;
  • smoothing of crow’s feet;
  • brightening of pigmented lesions;
  • narrowing of skin pores;
  • balancing of the skin tone;
  • improvement of skin luminosity;
  • enhancement of skin quality and condition;
  • slowing down of the ageing processes;
  • cleaning of sebaceous follicles;
  • reduction of sebum production;
  • reduction of acne lesions;


  • scars (caused by acne, injury, surgery, or burns);
  • flabby skin on the face and body;
  • wrinkles;
  • nasolabial furrows;
  • stretch marks;
  • photodamage;
  • photoageing;
  • discolouration (melasma);
  • dilated pores;
  • uneven skin tone;
  • mild acne;
  • moderate acne;
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Treatment details

Duration: 60 - 90 min.
Anesthesia: yes (anaesthetic cream)
Recommended number of treatment sessions:

1 - 6 treatment sessions

Specialist(s) performing the treatment:

Iga Litwińska-Inglot, Patrycja Świder, Paulina Kopeć, Ewa Kotas, Żaneta Strońska, Maria Wąż


Katowice, Bielsko-Biała

Possibility to resume work:

2 - 5 days (depending on the treatment parameters)


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About the procedure

The ablative fractional eCO2 laser is an advanced medical system that guarantees spectacular effects. Its unique properties and very high precision help to address such problems as scars (of various origin), stretchmarks, deep wrinkles, skin flaccidity and flabbiness as well as other signs of photoageing.

The laser provides a safe and effective tool for handling the most demanding skin problems, even where other methods have failed to yield results. Its unique properties help to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and areas that are difficult to reach.

The ablative fractional laser operates on the basis of the so-called photothermolysis. The microscopic beam of the laser creates thousands of tiny tubules on the surface of 15-30% of the treatment area, with the remaining part (70-85%) of the healthy skin being left intact. This accelerates the healing process of the treated areas. As a natural consequence, the treatment leads to controlled inflammation. The irritated skin generates huge amounts of growth factors, which lead to rapid skin regeneration and stimulation of dermal cells to produce new collagen fibres. This guarantees quick healing without the formation of visible wounds.

The treatment procedure (or a series of them) results in the replacement of the “old”, damaged external layer of the skin with a new, healthy skin tissue, as well as in the reconstruction of its deeper structures.

The eCO2 fractional laser makes it possible to apply the most intensive method of ablation and achieve the desired results much earlier than with non-ablative methods.

For whom?

The ablative fractional laser offers great possibilities, and the effects of the therapy depend, amongst others, on the treatment parameters used, which are selected individually on a case-by-case basis.

Therefore, it is suitable not only for Patients who want to get rid of their acne and surgical scars, eliminate stretch marks, improve their skin firmness and reduce wrinkles, but also for those who intend to refresh their skin, narrow its pores and take preventive actions.

What does the treatment procedure look like?

The procedure consists of a few stages. The first involves application of anaesthetic cream to the treatment site. After 30–60 minutes, the skin is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Next, the Patient’s eyes are protected with special safety goggles, the treatment parameters are set and the procedure begins.

When it is over, the Patient receives a gel compress to alleviate the warmth on the skin or the skin is irradiated with LED lamps to accelerate the regeneration process. After the treatment session, the Patient is provided with detailed post-treatment recommendations to follow.

Pain sensations

During the treatment procedure, the skin feels warm and a little bit prickly (the needles-and-pins sensation). The anaesthetic cream used before the procedure significantly reduces the discomfort experienced during the treatment session.

Recommended number of treatment procedures

The number of recommended treatment procedures is an individual matter, depending on the effects we want to achieve.  If we intend to refresh the skin, narrow its pores and improve its general condition, one treatment session is enough. However, if we wish to get rid of scars, it will be necessary to undergo a few treatment sessions.

During the treatment procedure, the laser beam creates thousands of tiny tubules in the skin tissue, covering the surface of approx. 15–30% of the treatment area. Therefore, complete reconstruction of the skin requires a series of 3–5 treatment sessions at intervals of 3–6 weeks.

The first effects of improved skin appearance, smoother skin tone, narrow pores and overall refreshment are visible as early as when the healing process has come to an end. The reconstruction of deeper skin layers, on the other hand, requires more time. The effects of collagen regeneration initiated during the treatment procedure will become visible a few weeks after treatment.

Duration of the treatment procedure

Depending on the treatment site, the procedure takes from 15 minutes (e.g. in the case of a single scar) to 45 minutes on a larger area (e.g. the face).

Post-treatment recovery

Immediately after the treatment procedure, the Patient experiences a sensation of warmth on the skin (comparable to that caused by long sun exposure). One day after treatment, swelling and bruising may appear and persist for 1–2 days. Sometimes, the skin may also develop erythema (redness or flushing), which usually subsides after 2–3 days.

A few days after the treatment procedure, the skin gets darker and develops brownish scabs that peel off within a few to several days, revealing beautiful and healthy skin underneath – this is the effect of epidermal regeneration.

When the procedure is over, the Patient receives detailed post-treatment recommendations to follow. They include information about the possibility to use creams that accelerate speed up the healing process (e.g. Cicabio, Cicaplast) as early as from the second day after treatment. During the regeneration period, it is necessary to refrain from using any cosmetics that might irritate the skin or cause it to exfoliate (this process cannot be accelerated and must happen spontaneously).

It is important to remember to apply an SPF 50 sunscreen for at least one month after treatment.

Recommendations after surgery

No sunbathing
unikanie sauny
Avoiding the sauna
krem przyśpieszający gojenie
Cream accelerating healing
krem z filtrem
Cream with filter
Lack of fitness
Avoiding the pool


  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • predisposition to keloids;
  • Immunosuppressive drugs;
  • the use of photosensitising drugs;
  • herbs: St. John's wort, calendula;
  • cosmetics and drugs with retinol (vitamin A),
  • open wounds on the skin at the treatment site;
  • neoplastic disease of the skin;
  • active herpes;
  • epilepsy

Price list

(a 20% discount)
Face 1 500 zł 3 600 zł
Neck 800 zł 1 920 zł
Neckline 1 000 zł 2 400 zł
Neck + neckline 1 500 zł 3 600 zł
Face + neck 1 900 zł 4 560 zł
Face + neck + neckline 2 600 zł 6 240 zł
Forehead 600 zł 1 440 zł
Temple 500 zł 1 200 zł
Forehead + temple 900 zł 2 160 zł
Area around the eyes 700 zł 1 680 zł
Nose 300 zł 720 zł
Cheeks 900 zł 2 160 zł
Area around the mouth 500 zł 1 200 zł
Chin 300 zł 720 zł
Backs of hands 600 zł 1 440 zł
A scar up to 4 cm in length 350 zł 840 zł
A scar ranging from 4 to 8 cm in length 600 zł 1 440 zł
A scar over then 8 cm in length od 600zł rabat 20% od ustalonej ceny zabiegu
Post-caesarean scar 350 zł 840 zł
Stretch marks on breasts 1 000 zł 2 400 zł
Stretch marks over a 5 x 5 cm area 500 zł 1 200 zł
Stretch marks over a 15 x 15 cm area 1 300 zł 3 120 zł

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