Mosaic fractional laser - photorejuvenation - regeneration of weakened skin

Mosaic fractional laser - an effective and non-invasive method for achieving visibly younger skin.


Skin regeneration – caused by increased nourishment and blood supply;

Increased collagen production – counteracting ageing processes;

Smooth, beautiful skin – the Mosaic laser removes unevenness and evens out skin tone;

Instant healing – thanks to focused irradiation, the majority of surrounding skin remains in a perfect condition.


  • skin rejuvenation around the eyes, neck, neckline and hands,
  • wrinkled and flabby skin,
  • rough, uneven skin,
  • dilated pores, comedones,
  • age spots,
  • uneven skin tone.

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About the procedure

Mosaic fractional laser in photorejuvenation

Fractional laser is a state-of-the-art technology used in aesthetic dermatology. The Mosaic fractional laser stimulates skin regeneration and recovery, thereby making the skin denser in the irradiated area. The laser can be successfully used for facial and body treatments.

It is designed to perform therapies for such symptoms as flabby skin around the eyes, on the face and neck, uneven skin surface and discolorations, to name only a few.

Mosaic fractional laser as a skin lift procedure

The Mosaic fractional laser boosts the production of new skin cells as well as improves the nourishment and blood supply to the skin. In addition, it has an anti-wrinkle action and compensates for the colour differences of the skin.

The laser microbeams penetrate deeply into the skin, thereby leading to collagen synthesis and the formation of new cells. These new skin cells then start to push the damaged and weakened parts to the outside of the skin. As a result, photorejuvenation helps to eliminate defects and the skin appears naturally younger.

Fractional laser is minimally invasive

The innovative Mosaic fractional technology, unlike the lasers used so far, does not irradiate the surface of skin in a uniform manner. On the contrary, it causes microscopic, column-like injuries, surrounded by areas of intact, healthy skin.

The Mosaic fractional laser does not affect the epidermis, which makes the procedure minimally invasive. A rapid healing process begins immediately afterwards. The process of treatment is very quick and easily tolerated. The epidermis acts as a natural dressing and the skin is fully healed after 24 hours. The Mosaic fractional laser does not cause any permanent adverse effects and patients can return to their regular activities right away.

Mosaic fractional laser – about the procedure

Prior to the procedure, the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Patients experience pricking sensations caused by the microbeams emitted by the laser. Although photorejuvenation using the Mosaic fractional laser is well tolerated, patients are anaesthetised with a special cream to reduce the discomfort. It is also possible to use analgesics (pain killers).

During the procedure, the Mosaic fractional laser cools the skin by cold air, thereby additionally relieving the discomfort experienced by the patient. After the procedure, the skin becomes slightly reddened due to the irradiation of the laser beams. However, the symptoms disappear within 24 hours. In order to achieve satisfying improvement, it is necessary to have at least three sessions performed, at one month intervals.


  • herpes,
  • keloids,
  • atopic dermatitis (skin inflammation),
  • pregnancy,
  • epilepsy,
  • pacemakers,
  • the use of drugs that make the skin sensitive to light.

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Price list

Face 900 zł
Neck 600 zł
Neckline 800 zł
Face + neck 1 200 zł
Face + neck + neckline 1 500 zł
Area around the eyes 600 zł
Backs of hands 500 zł
Forearms od 800 zł
Upper arms od 800 zł
Abdomen 1 300 zł
Buttocks 1 300 zł

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