Laser removal of erythemas and the treatment of acne rosacea - Dye-VL (Alma Harmony PRO)

Dye-VL is the first device that emits a narrowband pulsating light source, deemed by specialists worldwide to be the most advanced technology of today's world. It is an ideal treatment option for erythemas, acne rosacea and superficial vascular lesions.


  • removal of erythemas,
  • removal of angiomas,
  • treatment of acne rosacea,
  • repair of dilated capillaries.


  • erythema,
  • acne rosacea,
  • broken capillaries on the legs (teleangiectasia),
  • plane angiomas,
  • cherry angiomas,
  • poikiloderma,
  • vascular malformations.
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About the procedure

The cutting-edge Alma Harmony PRO, equipped with the Dye-VL laser head, allows for effective removal of such skin problems as erythema, acne rosacea or dilated superficial capillaries on the face and legs.

The Dye-VL head uses a proprietary technology which represents an advanced form of the IPL technology used so far, emitting a wide spectrum of wavelengths in different directions. Dye-VL offers the first narrowband pulsating light source, deemed by specialists worldwide to be the most advanced technology of today's world. This is the first technology ever to use a series of three filters, concentrating the light within one range. Thanks to its unique characteristics, Dye-VL guarantees effectiveness and safety of the procedures performed. It is a perfect solution for vascular problems.

For whom?

The body’s natural mechanism is to shrink and dilate blood vessels. However, problems emerge when blood vessels are permanently dilated, which may be cause by caused by age, genetics, skin anatomy and lifestyle.

Erythema, which seems to be a strictly aesthetic problem, may develop into an advanced form of acne rosacea if not taken care of properly.

What does the treatment look like?

The person performing the procedure protects the Patient’s eyes with special goggles and applies gel on the treatment site before starting the procedure on the indicated area. When the procedure is over, the Patient receives post-treatment recommendations to follow.

Pain sensations

Patients describe this procedure as highly comfortable. During the procedure, the skin feels slightly warm.

Recommended number of treatment procedures

The number of recommended treatment procedures is an individual matter and depends on such factors as the severity of the problem, the condition of the skin and the age of the Patient. The first results are visible as early as after a single procedure. However, in order to achieve full effects, it is recommended to undergo a series of 3 – 5 sessions.

Duration of the procedure

Depending on the treatment site, the procedure lasts from 15 minutes on a small area (e.g. the ala of the nose) to 30 minutes on a larger area (e.g. the whole face).

Post-operative recovery

Immediately after the procedure, slight reddening may appear to the skin, which normally fades within a few hours. Patients may also develop slight swelling (oedema), which persists for up to a few days after treatment. After the procedure, Patients can resume their normal daily activities and no convalescence period is required.

Recommendations after surgery

Do not tan your skin
unikanie sauny
Do not use sauna
krem z filtrem
Use sunscreen
Give up the gym


  • bacterial or viral infection,
  • skin inflammation,
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • disorders of the immune system,
  • isotretinoin (within the last 6 months),
  • tanned skin,
  • wound healing disorders,
  • vitiligo,
  • neoplasms,
  • epilepsy,
  • use of photosensitising substances.

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Price list

Face 800 zł
Cheeks 500 zł
Nose 450 zł
Chin 450 zł
Cleavage 800 zł
Neck 800 zł
Face 800 zł
Cheeks 500 zł
Nose 450 zł
Chin 450 zł