Laser removal of scars and stretch marks

Acne scars, post-injury and post-operative scars - eCO2 and Mosaic fractional lasers, RF Infini, Mesotherapy, LED Therapy and Peelings, Stem Cells and Threads to target stretch marks


eCO2 fractional laser against scars and stretch marks

Excellent concentration on scars and stretch marks – the extremely narrow laser beam acts exactly where it is needed;

Rapid healing – controlled microinjuries on a small area make the skin heal quickly;

Safe regeneration of the skin – because of the fact that the microinjuries are very tiny, they heal very quickly, carrying no risk of complications.

Mosaic fractional laser against scars and stretch marks

Quick removal of scars and stretch marks – thanks to better nourishment and increased blood supply to the treated areas;

Smoother skin in the site of the scar or stretch marks – the Mosaic laser removes imperfections and evens out skin tone; 

Instant healing – thanks to focused irradiation, the surrounding skin remains in a perfect condition.

Other treatment procedures for the removal of scars and stretch marks:

RF Infini microneedle radiofrequency

Immediate effects of scar reduction – the energy reaches the deep layers of the skin, making it thicker and regenerated;

Denser and firmer skin – it activates the regeneration of collagen fibres, thereby eliminating stretch marks and scars as well as preventing the formation of new stretch marks.

Needle mesotherapy – removal of stretch marks and scars

Less visible scars and stretch marks – thanks to intensive nourishment, scars and stretch marks disappear or become less visible;

Improved cell metabolism – the skin is thicker after the regeneration of collagen fibres and elastin;

Gradual improvement of scars and stretch marks – the regeneration process lasts for a few months after the therapy.


  • post-injury and post-operative scars,
  • modelling of surgical scars,
  • atrophic acne scars,
  • stretch marks.
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About the procedure

Not only laser removal of scars and stretch marks

After a medical consultation, our specialist in dermatology suggests an optimal treatment, tailored to the specific needs and problems of a given patient. Depending on the type of scars, the treatment is targeted at decreasing the visibility of the scars, making them more elastic or completely invisible. It is often not possible to fully remove all the scars. The younger they are, the better effects can be achieved. The best results can be obtained if the treatment is commenced already at the stage of wound healing.

Stretch marks appear in pregnant women, at the age of adolescence, in individuals on corticosteroids, as well as in patients with hormonal disorders. They are mainly located on the breasts, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and upper arms. The treatment procedures we offer to remove stretch marks make it possible to achieve satisfying effects also in the case of older and more extensive stretch marks.

eCO2 fractional laser and Mosaic fractional laser – against scars and stretch marks

The fractional lasers (eCO2 and Mosaic), as their name suggests, are active on certain fractions of skin. As a result, they do not illuminate the surface of skin homogeneously, but punch it with thousands of microscopic columns that heat up the tissues. Due to the fact that the surrounding skin is healthy and intact, the healing process is extremely quick. Such microscopic injuries stimulate natural regeneration processes in the tissues much more efficiently than the lasers used so far.

During a single treatment procedure, the fractional laser damages 15-20% of the skin surface. In order to fully replace the old skin, it is necessary to perform 3-5 procedures. Each subsequent treatment procedure targets another area of the skin. The intervals between the procedures are usually 2-5 weeks and depend on the intensity of the preceding treatment. Laser treatment can be used to target any part of the body which requires skin regeneration due to scars, stretch marks or ageing processes.

eCO2 fractional laser – laser removal of scars

The eCO2 fractional laser is a unique device for eliminating deep skin defects, such as atrophic acne scars, injury scars, stretch marks and agerelated changes. The laser provides deep regeneration of the skin with minimal side effects that fade away after a few days.

None of the lasers used in aesthetic dermatology so far has achieved such excellent efficacy, comfort and safety parameters as the eCO2 fractional laser. The eCO2 fractional laser emits light with the wavelength of 1550 nm.

Read more about the effects of the eCO2 fractional laser by clicking here.

Mosaic fractional laser – removal of scars and stretch marks

The Mosaic laser’s microbeams penetrate deeply into the skin, forming columns of intentional burns, thereby releasing a series of enzymes that heal and regenerate the skin. This leads to collagen synthesis and the formation of new cells. These new skin cells then start to push the damaged and weakened portions to the outside of the skin. Therefore, the laser makes it possible to get rid of defects and restore the health of the skin at the sites previously affected by scars or stretch marks.

The Mosaic fractional laser stimulates skin regeneration and reconstruction of skin lesions. The skin becomes denser in the irradiated area. The Mosaic fractional laser can be successfully used for face and body treatments, in all the sites with scars or stretch marks.

Read more about the effects of the Mosaic fractional laser by clicking here.

RF Infini microneedle radiofrequency against scars and stretch marks

RF Infini microneedle radiofrequency makes it possible to effectively remove scars and stretch marks all year round. The procedure is performed using an applicator with golden needles, whose task is to puncture the skin while emitting radio waves. The individual needles penetrate the skin row by row, thereby protecting the delicate epidermis from superficial burns and ensuring that the level of pain is significantly lower.

As a consequence, the skin becomes thoroughly overheated (3D), which results in collagen remodelling, the treatment of scars and removal of stretch marks. This happens because the energy from the RF field can easily reach the deep layers of the dermis, making it firmer, denser and thicker.

Read more about the effects of RF Infini microneedle radiofrequency by clicking here.

Needle mesotherapy against scars and stretch marks

Needle mesotherapy involves a series of injections into the skin using a special injection gun, a syringe or the Vital Injector unit which minimises the pain and bruising. Suitable medicinal substances are injected exactly into the area of the scar or stretch marks, by administering them through the impermeable epidermal barrier. In this way, mesotherapy provides nutrition to fatigued or pathologically affected areas. 

Mesotherapy facilitates the absorption of these substances and their subsequent utilisation by the body in the site of the scar or stretch marks. The “cocktail” administered during mesotherapy contains hyaluronic acid, active vitamins (e.g. A, C and E), peptides and natural extracts.

Read more about the needle mesotherapy by clicking here.

Light and peeling solutions for the removal of scars and stretch marks

The removal of scars and stretch marks using the Smartlux LED lamp involves the stimulation of skin cells by means of light. The light activates photo-sensitive receptors in the cells, which begin to produce energy and generate more enzymes. Proper nourishment and regeneration of the cells, previously affected by scars or stretch marks, leads to gradual strengthening of the sites, thereby making the scars / stretch marks smoother and brighter.

Read more about the effects of the LED Smartlux lamps here.

Stem cells and threads to target stretch marks:

Stem cells injections produce good results in the case of stretch marks. The procedure provides strong regeneration for skin lesions. Stem cells have the extraordinary ability to move towards weaker tissues. They can perfectly identify the existing problem, supersede the damaged cells and regenerate the injured site.

You can read more about the procedure using stem cells here.

When applied to the site of stretch marks, the threads exhibit a healing effect and lead to instantaneous improvement of the appearance of the skin. These sites produce new collagen fibres. New collagen is formed as long as the threads are present in the body (up to 240 days), thereby gradually improving the appearance.

Read more about the threads by clicking here.


eCO2 and Mosaic fractional lasers 

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • predisposition to keloids,
  • Immunosuppressive drugs,
  • the use of photosensitising drugs,
  • herbs: St. John's wort, calendula,
  • cosmetics and drugs with retinol (vitamin A),
  • open wounds on the skin at the treatment site,
  • neoplastic disease of the skin,
  • active herpes,
  • epilepsy,
  • pacemakers,
  • atopic dermatitis (skin inflammation).

RF Infini microneedle radiofrequency

  • pregnancy,
  • neoplastic disease,
  • skin lesions,
  • pacemakers, cochlear implants (hearing aids),
  • blood-clotting (coagulation) disorders.

Needle mesotherapy 

  • allergies;
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • neoplastic diseases;
  • therapy with anticoagulant drugs;
  • diabetes;
  • skin inflammation and abscesses;
  • herpes.

Smartlux LED phototherapy

  • pacemakers,
  • pregnancy,
  • autoimmune skin diseases,
  • drugs that increase sensitivity to light,
  • epilepsy.

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