Laser peeling (Fotona Dynamis SP resurfacing)

Silky smooth and bright skin, narrow pores, as well as smoothed out wrinkles are amongst the effects that can be expected as early as after the first Fotona laser peeling procedure. The effects are absolutely incomparable to those produced by other treatment procedures available so far, such as mechanical peeling, chemical peeling, or even series of microdermabrasion.


  • smoothing of wrinkles;
  • improvement of skin firmness;
  • brightening of discolourations;
  • reduction or removal of scars;
  • narrowing of skin pores;
  • better skin luminosity;
  • balanced skin tone;
  • improvement of skin quality and condition;
  • slowing down of the ageing processes.


  • wrinkles;
  • discolourations (including post-inflammatory acne discolorations);
  • scars;
  • early signs of ageing;
  • the first symptoms of loss of skin suppleness and elasticity;
  • signs of ageing on the back of the hand;
  • rough skin with irregular surface;
  • dilated pores;
  • uneven skin tone;
  • smoker's skin;
  • skin ageing prevention.
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About the procedure

Laser peeling is a procedure involving intentional damage followed by exfoliation of the damaged or weak superficial layer of the skin, depending on the individual needs of each Patient – from delicate and superficial effects, to very intensive and deep exfoliation.

Superficial peeling, also known as resurfacing (or light peel), has a minimally ablative action on the superficial layers of the skin, leading to its refreshment and regeneration, reduction of shallow discolourations and dilated pores, as well as general cleaning and improvement of its texture.

Medium-depth and deep skin resurfacing, which leads to more profound exfoliation, is more intensive, so the laser beam penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. This produces better effects, but – on the other hand – entails longer recovery periods. In the case of this peeling option, the skin begins to exfoliate between the 2nd and the 4th day after treatment. After this time, erythema appears on the treated skin and persists for a few days. This procedure is an ideal solution for the reduction of wrinkles, discolourations, as well as atrophic, hypertrophic and acne scars.

The resurfacing effects of the innovative Erb:Yag laser are spectacular and visible as early as after the first treatment, especially in the case of medium-depth and deep peeling options. Taking into account the effects and the recovery period, the most optimal would be the medium-depth resurfacing.

After recovery, the skin looks much more youthful, firm and supple, with a visibly better tone and texture.

For whom?

The Fotona laser peeling is recommended for people who wish to provide comprehensive care for their skin. It is based on a cutting-edge technology that effectively improves the quality and condition of the skin. The laser has a powerful regenerating action that boosts skin reconstruction mechanisms, thereby stimulating the production and regeneration of elastin and collagen fibres. The effects, such as bright and fresh skin, are visible as early as a few days after treatment.

What does the treatment procedure look like?

Laser peeling requires no anaesthesia. The first stage involves thorough cleaning of the treatment site, after which the person performing the procedure covers the Patient’s eyes with special protective goggles and starts the treatment procedure on the indicated area. When the procedure is over, the Patient receives post-treatment recommendations to follow.

Pain sensations

During the procedure, the skin experiences delicate sensations of warmth and burning. Therefore, to make our Patients feel comfortable, we use a stream of cold air to cool the treated area throughout the procedure. Our Patients describe this laser peeling as a comfortable treatment experience.

However, to provide them with maximum comfort, we can also apply an anaesthetic cream on the skin 30 minutes before the procedure.

Recommended number of treatment procedures

The number of treatment procedures depends on the condition of the skin and the effects we strive to achieve.

A single treatment is enough to make the skin look brighter and smoother with narrow pores and smoothed out, fine wrinkles. However, to reduce deep wrinkles, furrows, discolourations and scars, it is necessary to schedule several treatment sessions.

Duration of the treatment procedure

The estimated duration of a single procedure is 30 minutes.

Post-treatment recovery

The recovery period depends on the depth of the treatment. In the case of superficial peeling, Patients may resume their daily routines on the following day. The only side effect may be slight reddening, so the procedure is an ideal treatment option for those who cannot afford long recovery periods.

In the case of medium-depth and deep peeling procedures, the recovery period is longer. Between the 2nd and the 4th day after treatment, the skin usually starts to peel off. This process lasts for a few days and, once it is over, the skin shows signs of erythema for a period of approx. 5 to 10 days (this can be covered with a makeup foundation).

Recommendations after surgery

Do not tan your skin
unikanie sauny
Do not use sauna
krem przyśpieszający gojenie
Use creams that speed up healing
krem z filtrem
Use sunscreen
Give up the gym
Do not use a swimming pool


  • breast-feeding;
  • atopic dermatitis (skin inflammation);
  • the use of blood thinners (anticoagulants);
  • past and present cancers;
  • the use of steroids;
  • very sensitive skin;
  • antibiotic therapies (1 month before the treatment procedure);
  • inflammation, and viral or bacterial infection in the area of the skin to be treated.

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