Hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration)

Botox, or a non-invasive and highly-effective series of injections - RF Infini, or precise, non-surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) using radio waves


Elimination of excessive perspiration – by inhibiting the action of sweat glands;

A simple, non-invasive procedure – involving the injection of botox into the areas with sweat glands; 

A quick-acting solution – the effects are visible after a few hours to a few days of the procedure;

Long-lasting effectiveness – the effects of the procedure last from a few to several months.

RF Infini for excessive perspiration:

Reduction of sweat glands under the arms – thanks to the safe procedure of overheating them with radio waves;

Perspiration reduced by 90-95% – effectiveness proven by scientific research;

Long-lasting effect – perspiration minimised for years.


  • excessive perspiration on the feet,
  • excessive perspiration on the hands,
  • excessive perspiration in the armpits,
  • excessive perspiration on the face.
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About the procedure

RF Infini and Botox – targeting excessive perspiration

Excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) is caused by hyperactivity of the sweat glands. In the case of profuse sweating, regular body hygiene and the application of antiperspirants are often ineffective.

Where excessive sweating causes discomfort that affects normal daily activities, the therapies offered by aesthetic medicine may prove to be the best solution. Botox against hyperhidrosis or microneedle radiofrequency RF Infini are successfully used to combat excessive perspiration.

Botox and RF Infini versus excessive perspiration

Botox, or botulinum toxin injections, is effective in inhibiting excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis). Botox works locally and is completely safe for the body. It carries no risk of complications and is reversible because the cells regain their lost properties over time.

RF Infini is one of the latest treatment techniques against excessive perspiration in the area of armpits. The procedure is performed using an applicator with golden needles, whose task is to puncture the skin while emitting radio waves. As a consequence, the skin becomes thoroughly overheated (3D), which results in minimising excessive sweating.

Botox versus excessive perspiration

The botox therapy for excessive perspiration involves a series of injections in the treated area, using a thin needle. To achieve this effect, small amounts of botox solution are injected, following the application of topical anaesthetic cream, into the area of armpits, palms or feet, which is where the sweat glands are located.

Diluted botulinum toxin blocks the action of nerves that supply the sweat glands. This blocking mechanism prevents perspiration. The effects of botox are visible 24 hours – 7 days after application. Excessive perspiration is inhibited for a period from a few months to even a year.

RF Infini for excessive perspiration under the armpits

During the RF Infini microneedle radiofrequency procedure for excessive perspiration, the energy of radio waves reaches the sweat glands under the arms, thus causing their overheating. The radio waves act fast and safely, and are able to precisely reduce hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration) The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and lasts approximately 30 minutes. The final effect depends on the amount of sweat glands and the number of the procedures performed.

Each procedure removes only part of the glands and therefore it is necessary to undergo at least three sessions at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. After a series of treatments, 90% – 95% of the problem disappears permanently. In the majority of individuals, the effects of the treatment are permanent. In some cases, it is necessary to perform “reminding” treatment at intervals of about 2 years.

RF Infini – about the procedure to help with hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration)

A medical consultation is always required before the RF Infini treatment. It is necessary to remove hairs from the treated area. Immediately before the procedure, the skin is locally anaesthetised. Despite its high energy parameters, the RF Infini procedure causes only negligible damage to the epidermis.

After the treatment, patients may experience temporary pinpoint bleeding, erythema and minor swelling. All of these side effects subside within 24-48 hours of the treatment. On the second day after the treatment, patients can resume their normal routine.



  • hypersensitivity to human albumin (contained in the preparation),
  • neuromuscular disorders (myasthenia gravis, Lambert–Eaton syndrome),
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • the use of the following medicines within a week before the planned treatment:
  • aminoglycosides and aminochinolony,
  • D-penicillamine,
  • cyclosporin and tetracycline,
  • tubocurarine, pancuronium and galamine,
  • succinylcholine.


  • pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • neoplastic disease,
  • skin diseases,
  • implanted electronic devices,
  • anticoagulation therapy,
  •  blood-clotting (coagulation) disorders.

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Price list

Botulinum toxin (Botox)

Armpits   1 500 - 2 000 zł
Hands  1 500 - 2 000 zł
Feet  1 500 - 2 000 zł
Forehead  od 900 zł 
Scalp  1 500 - 2 000 zł



(20% rabatu)
Armpits 1 300zł 3 120 zł

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