GentleMax – pain-free laser depilation (epilation) treatment

Laser GentleMax allows for efficient and pain-free removal of unwanted hair growth. Several treatment sessions are enough to enjoy silky smooth skin. The laser's unique characteristics make it possible to perform treatment procedures in dark-complexioned individuals.


  • silky smooth skin without unwanted hairs


  • removal of unwanted hair,
  • treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae (persistent inflammation caused by shaving).
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About the procedure

The GentleMax laser is a state-of-the-art solution developed by the American company, Syneron – Candela. Its efficiency has been confirmed in a number of clinical trials and studies. The device has been awarded numerous certificates and gained extensive recognition for its efficiency and high safety profile.

Laser depilation is a procedure recommended for individuals of all ages, both women and men. A suitable wavelength of the laser light is selected depending on the colour and thickness of hair follicles and the colour of the skin.

The laser beam permeates into the skin to the depth of a few millimetres, where it is absorbed by the pigment (known as melanin) found inside the skin and hair follicles. As a result, the hair follicles are damaged and the pigment destroyed, which causes atrophy of the follicles and the consequent loss of unwanted hairs.

The laser epilation procedure involves permanent destruction of hair structures that are responsible for the hair growth.

Laser depilation in individuals with dark skin phototypes was impossible up until recently. Now, thanks to the unique characteristics of the GentleMax technology, which employs two wavelengths, namely the alexandrite laser (755 nm) and Nd:Yag: (1064 nm), we are able to successfully carry out such treatment procedures on all skin phototypes!

For whom?

The GentleMax laser depilation (or, more precisely, epilation) procedure is recommended for both women and men of all ages. It is dedicated to all those who wish to successfully remove unwanted hairs from their legs, armpits, intimate areas, forearms, upper arms, face, back, and abdomen.

What does the treatment look like?

The treatment procedure consists of a few stages. The first involves preparing the treatment site (including thorough cleaning of the skin from perfumes, deodorants and lotions). Secondly, a white‑coloured pencil is used to protect the pigmented lesions that should be avoided during the procedure.

The next stage involves setting appropriate parameters, where it is important to take into consideration the colour, thickness, hair growth density and phototype of the Patient’s skin. Prior to the treatment procedure, it is important to refrain from shaving the area to be treated as the hairs should be approx. 2 mm long. The last stage before the procedure is to protect the Patient’s eyes with special safety goggles.

When the procedure is over, the Patient receives post-treatment recommendations to be followed.

Pain sensations

The GentelMax laser is equipped with the innovative DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device) system which uses cryogen spray to cool down the skin before and after each impulse. As a result, the treatment procedure is entirely comfortable and described by our Patients as pain-free.

Recommended number of treatment procedures

Laser depilation is a treatment procedure that should be performed in series in order to achieve lasting effects. A single session usually removes approx. 30% of the hairs. This is because the laser destroys hair follicles in the growth (anagen) phase (only such hairs are visible on the skin surface). The remaining hairs are dormant for a period of approx. 3–8 weeks and it is only when they enter into the growth phase that they can be removed.

The growth phases are not identical for all hairs. Therefore, it is necessary to repeat the laser depilation procedure a few times at intervals of 4–6 weeks. Patients with hormonal disorders usually require more treatment sessions.

Duration of the procedure

Depending on the treatment site, the procedure takes from 15 minutes on a small area (e.g. a bit of a moustache) to 60 minutes on a larger area (e.g. whole legs).

Post-treatment recovery

Immediately after the treatment procedure, slight reddening or follicular irritation may appear to the skin, which normally fades after a few hours. Local discoloration or depigmentation appears very rarely and subside after a few days.

After the treatment procedure, Patients can resume their normal daily activities since no recovery period is required.

Recommendations after surgery

Do not tan your skin
unikanie sauny
Do not use sauna
krem z filtrem
Use sunscreen
Do not use a swimming pool


  • Skin inflammations
  • Herpes
  • Genital herpes (in the case of bikini zone depilation) Neoplasms
  • Keloids within the treatment site
  • Epilepsy
  • Light sensitivity (photophobia)
  • Vitiligo or psoriasis
  • Sunbathing or using a solarium within the past four weeks
  • Isotretinoin (within the last 3–6 months)
  • Tretinoin (within the last 2 weeks)
  • Therapy using photosensitising drugs
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes

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Price list

(a 20% discount)
Moustache 150 zł 600 zł
Upper chin 200 zł 800 zł
Lower chin 150 zł 600 zł
Sideburns 200 zł 800 zł
Cheeks 300 zł 1 200 zł
Neck 300 zł 1 200 zł
Nape 250 zł 1 000 zł
Temples 150 zł 600 zł
Ears 150 zł 600 zł
Glabella 150 zł 600 zł
Calves (with knees and feet) 400 zł 1 600 zł
Thighs 450 zł 1 800 zł
Calves (with knees and feet) + thighs 750 zł 3 000 zł
Knees 100 zł 400 zł
Basic bikini 220 zł 880 zł
Extended bikini 370 zł 1 480 zł
Brazilian bikini 470 zł 1 880 zł
Buttocks 300 zł 1 200 zł
Intergluteal area 200 zł 800 zł
Armpits 250 zł 1 000 zł
Upper arms 350 zł 1 400 zł
Forearms 350 zł 1 400 zł
Back od hands 150 zł 600 zł
Abdomen 350 zł 1 400 zł
Torso 450 zł 1 800 zł
Linea alba 200 zł 800 zł
Nipple area 200 zł 800 zł
Back 500 zł 2 000 zł

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