SEBACIA - a breakthrough treatment for acne!

SEBACIA is the latest therapy that can help to effectively fight acne. The therapy involves application of gold microparticles to the surface of the skin, which is followed by laser treatment. The combination of these two activities produces spectacular effects.


  • cleaning of sebaceous follicles,
  • reduction of sebum production,
  • alleviation of acne lesions.


  • mild acne,
  • moderate acne.
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Treatment details

Duration: 60 min.
Anesthesia: brak
Recommended number of treatment sessions:

3 treatment sessions

Specialist(s) performing the treatment:

Iga Litwińska, Karolina Bartosik, Ewa Kotas, Żaneta Strońska, Maria Sroczek


Katowice, Bielsko-Biała

Possibility to resume work:

immediately after treatment

About the procedure

SEBACIA is the newest treatment for acne, developed by prominent scientists and dermatologists from all over the world, including Dr. R. Rox Anderson – a pioneer in laser dermatology. The effectiveness of this method has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies on a group of over 500 patients. The innovative SEBACIA therapy involves introduction of gold microparticles into the skin, which is followed by laser treatment.


The SEBACIA therapy is recommended for individuals who have unsuccessfully tried many different acne treatments in their quest for a working solution. A huge advantage of this treatment is its lack of side effects that can occur with other methods.


The SEBACIA treatment consists of two stages:

1. The first stage involves application of a preparation with gold microparticles to the skin. These microparticles are massaged into the skin thereby passing through pores directly into hair follicles and sebaceous glands - the site in the skin where acne originates. Next, the preparation is washed off the outer layer of the skin.

2. The second stage involves laser application in the treatment area. The heat delivered by means of the laser’s energy reaches the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, thus exerting a thermal effect on the glands and pores. The laser’s energy is delivered directly to the skin structures responsible for acne formation and affects only the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, without damaging the surrounding tissues. This process leads to remodelling of the sebaceous glands and the gold microparticles destroy bacteria responsible for the formation of acne lesions.


Both the application of gold microparticles and the laser treatment are pain-free. The procedure requires no anaesthesia and is described by our Patients as comfortable. During the laser procedure, the skin feels slightly warm.


The SEBACIA therapy consists of three (3) procedures, performed every seven (7) days.


The whole treatment procedure lasts approx. sixty (60) minutes.


Immediately after treatment, slight reddening may appear to the skin, which normally fades after a few hours. After the treatment procedure, Patients can resume their normal daily activities. The treatment requires no recovery period.

Recommendations after surgery

No sunbathing
unikanie sauny
Avoiding the sauna
krem z filtrem
Cream with filter


  • bacterial or viral infection,
  • skin inflammations,
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • disorders of the immune system,
  • isotretinoin (within the last 6 months),
  • tanned skin,
  • wound healing disorders,
  • vitiligo,
  • neoplasms,
  • epilepsy,
  • use of photosensitising substances.

Price list

3 treatment procedures  2 200 zł

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