Regeneris vampire facelift - hypoallergenic rejuvenation - skin regeneration

Natural lifting preparation - nourished skin


Smoothed out wrinkles – hypoallergenic plasma fills the furrows and eliminates wrinkles;

Smoother and more elastic skin – cells and growth factors stimulate skin cell renewal;

Proper nourishment of the skin – living plasma cells supply the skin with vital nutrients, making the face look radiant and glowing;

A completely safe procedure – Regeneris is recommended for allergy sufferers, because the application of autologous tissues causes no allergies.


  • folds,
  • wrinkles,
  • shadows under the eyes,
  • neckline rejuvenation,
  • ear rejuvenation,
  • lip rejuvenation,
  • mesotherapy.

Other indications:

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Treatment details

About the procedure

Regeneris – vampire facelift

Vampire facelift (also known as Regeneris) is a therapy that uses platelet-rich plasma collected from the patient’s own blood (known as autologous conditioned plasma, or ACP). Platelet-rich plasma contains the so-called growth factors, which stimulate the self-renewal of cells, thus helping the skin to regenerate itself and, as a result, regain vitality, smoothness and elasticity.

Since the plasma is extracted from autologous blood, the vampire facelift solution (Regeneris) is 100% biocompatible. This means that there is no risk of intolerance or immune reactions. Platelet-rich plasma is therefore an excellent preparation for allergy sufferers and individuals who have a high regard for natural therapies.

Regeneris – patient’s platelet-rich plasma

The Regeneris vampire facelift is obtained by collecting the patient's own blood, which is processed in a special centrifuge. The platelet-rich plasma thus extracted has a great number of living cells that stimulate the regeneration and multiplication of skin cells. The plasma activates microcirculation and stimulates collagen production.

Vampire facelift is a simple procedure carried out by a physician. The first stage of the Regeneris therapy involves safe collection of a small amount of blood. After the blood has been processed in a centrifuge, we obtain platelet-rich plasma, which is injected by mesotherapy technique (find out more about mesotherapy by clicking here).

Vampire facelift – not so aggressive

Even though the procedure is minimally painful, the physician can decide to use an anaesthetic cream prior to the procedure to make it fully comfortable for patients. The first effects of the therapy are immediate because plasma injection causes a rapid filling effect in the skin. The process of tissue regeneration begins 48 hours after the procedure. To achieve a full effect, it is necessary to undergo two procedures in a month and, if needed, repeat one more.

This short series of treatments improves the suppleness, elasticity and density of skin, as well as fills fine wrinkles. The maintenance of good effects is directly dependent on the patient’s lifestyle (diet, physical activity, substance use, etc.). This therapy is designed especially for patients whose skin requires revitalisation. It is an optimal treatment option for patients before the age of 35.


  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • blood diseases,
  • neoplasms,
  • anticoagulant therapy.

Price list

(a 20% discount)
Face 660 zł 1 584 zł
VITAL INJECTOR face 710 zł 1 704 zł
Face + neck 860 zł 2 064 zł
VITAL INJECTOR face + neck 910 zł 2 184 zł
Face + neck + neckline 960 zł 2 304 zł
VITAL INJECTOR face + neck + neckline 1 060 zł 2 544 zł
Backs od hands 600 zł 1 440 zł
Backs od hands VITAL INJECTOR 650 zł 1 560 zł
Scalp (hair thickening) 600 zł 1 440 zł

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