Shock wave (acoustic wave, BTXL X-WAVE)

The X-WAVE is a state-of-the-art device which may help us successfully eliminate such skin problems as cellulite, uneven surface, flabbiness and lack of skin tone. This is a treatment procedure that produces multidimensional effects, including cellulite reduction, improved microcirculation, better skin tone and elasticity. The effects are visible as soon as after a few treatment sessions.


  • cellulite reduction;
  • evening out and smoothing of skin surface (e.g. following lipolysis, liposuction, etc.);
  • improvement of skin tone and firmness;
  • rejuvenation and improved skin elasticity;
  • unblocking of the lymphatic system;
  • elimination of fatty and lymphatic oedema;
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • detoxification of the lymphatic system.


  • cellulite;
  • uneven skin surface (e.g. following lipolysis, liposuction, etc.);
  • skin flabbiness and lack of resilience;
  • lack of skin firmness and elasticity;
  • fatty and lymphatic oedema;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • abnormal lymph circulation;
  • contaminated lymphatic system.
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Treatment details

Duration: 10 - 60 min.
Anesthesia: none
Recommended number of treatment sessions:

6 - 10 treatment sessions

Specialist(s) performing the treatment:

Iga Litwińska, Karolina Bartosik, Ewa Kotas, Żaneta Strońska


Katowice, Bielsko-Biała

Possibility to resume work:

immediately after treatment

Recommendations after surgery

unikanie sauny
Avoiding the sauna

About the procedure:

The shock wave (or acoustic wave) therapy is a treatment procedure that produces multidirectional effects. The energy pulses break down subcutaneous deposits of fat, which are the main cause of cellulite. This leads to elimination of cellulite and other skin surface irregularities. Moreover, the pulses initiate the release of fibroblast-stimulating factors for the production of new collagen fibres. This process results in the formation of a new tissue, thereby helping the skin become denser, firmer and more elastic.

The shock wave therapy boosts microcirculation and removal of metabolic waste products, which consequently reduces oedemas and detoxifies the body.

For whom?

The shock wave therapy is a treatment procedure that can be used for numerous medical and aesthetic indications. However, it is mainly indicated for such problems as cellulite, uneven skin surface, flabby and sagging skin, oedemas, water retention in the body, and metabolic disorders.

To achieve the best effects, we recommend combining the X-WAVE shock wave therapy with the LYMPHASTIM (lymphatic) drainage – this is an idea combination of two complementary treatment procedures.

What does the treatment procedure look like?

The procedure starts with the application of a special gel to the skin. Next, a special applicator is used to make circular movements on the treated area.

Pain sensations

The treatment is pain-free and requires no anaesthesia.

Recommended number of treatment procedures:

To achieve satisfying effects, it is necessary to undergo at least 6 treatment sessions. We recommend a series of 10 treatment procedures every 3–4 days. We recommend combining the shock wave therapy with the LYMPHASTIM (lymphatic) drainage.

Duration of the treatment procedure

The treatment procedure takes approx. 10 minutes per single area (e.g. the abdomen).

Post-treatment recovery

The treatment procedure requires no recovery period. The energy of the acoustic wave penetrates the skin without damaging its outer layer.


Wszelkie prawa (w tym autorskie) do fotografii są zastrzeżone dla SKIN LASER LUBELSCY MEDYCYNA ESTETYCZNA I DERMATOLOGIA - K.J.M.J. LUBELSCY S.C.


  • active tuberculosis;
  • allergy to solutions used for moistening electrode sponge covers;
  • an implanted pacemaker;
  • cardio-vascular diseases;
  • cochlear implants;
  • metal implants and cancers in the path of the current flow;
  • dermal lesions and inflammations;
  • bleeding;
  • menstruation;
  • active neoplastic diseases;
  • sensory disturbances in the electrode attachment point;
  • psychopathological and psycho-organic syndromes;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • hepatic and renal insufficiency;
  • pregnancy;
  • inflammation of the veins (phlebitis) and lymphatic ducts (lymphangitis);
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • epilepsy.

Price list

1 area
(abdomen, buttocks, outer thighs, or inner thighs)
300 zł 1 380 zł
+ 1 drenaż LYMPHASTIM gratis
2 000 zł
+ 2 drenaże LYMPHASTIM gratis
2 areas 450 zł 2 000 zł
+ 1 drenaż LYMPHASTIM gratis
3 000 zł
+ 2 drenaże LYMPHASTIM gratis
3 areas 600 zł 2 760 zł
+ 1 drenaż LYMPHASTIM gratis
4 000 zł
+ 2 drenaże LYMPHASTIM gratis

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